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Week 8 Detective Challenge

Detective Mehul and the kidnapper's tale

On an unfortunate Monday morning while Mr. Sharma was busy with his office work he receives a call which makes him lose his mind!  "We have kidnapped your son, if you wish to see him alive and well, pay me a ransom of 1 crore rupees!" demands the kidnapper from the other end and disconnects the phone call. 
Mr. Sharma's worry knew no bounds and he immediately calls the school.  The teacher confirms his son's presence and well-being and even sends a photograph to Mr.Sharma. He is extremely relieved and happy to see his son at school and thinks that someone must've pranked him earlier. 
An hour goes by and Mr. Sharma receives a call from the school and this time his fears had come true! His son had really been kidnapped!  The news reaches Detective Mehul and he rushes to the school and begins investigating every car that entered the school campus. He is suspicious about 3 particular cars and after examing all cars he immediately understands which one belonged to the kidnapper! 
Logical Army, can you guess? Observe the images, put you logic to use and choose the correct option!  Don't forget to check where you stand on the leaderboard!