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100+ Detective Riddles Inspired by Sherlock Holmes and Detective Mehul

Put your detective skills to the test with these 100+ challenging detective riddles inspired by Sherlock Holmes and Detective Mehul. From crime scenes to suspects, these detective riddles will help you hone your abilities and solve the case. See how many you can solve on your own, or challenge your friends to a race to the finish.

Middle of the forest - Detective Riddle

16.Detective Riddles
A crime was committed in the middle of a forest, which left Detective Mehul stumped. Who did it?


    • Tree

The stolen apple- Detective Riddle

17.Detective Riddles
A queen had a bowl of golden apples in her court which were her most treasured possession. One day, one of the apples went missing. She gathered all the members of the court together and told them that the way she would discover Jagga was by having them all touch a rusty pot with a rooster in with the lights off. The rooster would then crow when Jagga touched the rusty pot. However, the rooster didn't crow throughout the whole court, touching the rusty pot. Despite this, the queen knew who had stolen the apple. How?


    • By touching the pot, the members of the court would end up with rust on their hands. The robber would have been too scared to touch the pot in case the rooster crowed, so he wouldn't have any rust on his hands.

Detective- Detective Riddle

18.Detective Riddles
Ganpat is found dead in his office at his desk. Detective Mehul was working on this case and had narrowed the suspects down to three people

His Friend - "Mr Rakesh Gupta"
Ganpat's wife - "Bhawna"
His Secretary - "Jason Kumar" 

All three suspects visited Ganpat on the day of his murder for various reasons as they told Detective Mehul.As we know where the police failed, Detective Mehul comes. He was able to find a note on the corner of the wall. "7891011" was written on it. Detective Mehul wastes no time in announcing the killer. Who was the killer?

  • Mr Rakesh Gupta
  • Ganpat's wife
  • Bhawna
  • Jason Kumar
    • Explanation :  Jason Kumar - 7-July -J, 8- August- A,  9-September- S, 10-October- O, 11-November- N 

Murdered on Sunday- Detective Riddle

19.Detective Riddles
A man is found murdered on a Sunday morning. His wife calls Detective Mehul, who questions the wife and the staff, and are given the following alibis:

The wife says she was sleeping
The butler said he was cleaning the closet
The gardener was declared he was picking vegetables
The maid explained she was getting the mail
The cook said she was preparing breakfast

Immediately, the police arrest the murderer. Who did it and how did the police know?

  • The wife
  • The butler
  • The gardener
  • The maid
    • Explanation :  The maid, because no mail is delivered on Sunday.

The disloyal staff- Detective Riddle

20.Detective Riddles
A wealthy woman lived in a completely circular home. One morning, she is found dead in the front yard. Detective Mehul comes along and asks the staff questions. The driver says he was washing the car, the maid says she was hovering in the corners, and the cook says she was preparing lunch. Who is guilty?

 The driver says he was washing the car.
 The maid says she was hovering in the corners.
 The cook says she was preparing lunch.

  • The driver
  • The maid
  • The cook
  • none of them
    • Explanation :  The maid - there aren't any corners in a circular house.

The wordplay- Detective Riddle

21.Detective Riddles
Aalia shoots Mehul and then holds him underwater for 5 minutes. They then go out and enjoy dinner. How?


    • Aalia shoots Mehul with a film camera (takes a picture) and then develops it (holds it underwater).

The hanging man- Detective Riddle

22.Detective Riddles
Detective Mehul arrives at a murder scene where a man is hanging from the ceiling with nothing around him other than a large pool of water. How did the man die?


    • He was standing on a block of ice, and it melted.

Vacation murder- Detective Riddle

23.Detective Riddles
A couple goes on a camping trip, but only the husband returns. He claims that his wife fell off a cliff and died. When Detective Mehul gets in touch with the travel agent, he immediately arrests the husband. Why?


    • The travel agent reveals how the husband only booked a one-way ticket for his wife, whereas he booked a return ticket for himself.

Suspect Dhamaka Singh- Detective Riddle

24.Detective Riddles
After several crimes had been committed in the city, the police decided to visit the main suspect Dhamaka Singh. He lived in the countryside. When the officers entered the house, they found no one inside. They searched the entire place including the attic which was a mess. Then they decided to wait for the house owner to come home. One of the police officers went to buy some water. When he came back he told the rest of his colleagues there was no need to wait anymore. Why? 


    • The attic of the window was closed when the police arrived, but now it's open. Dhamaka Singh escaped through the window.

The recorder- Detective Riddle

25.Detective Riddles
Detective Mehul breaks into a crime scene. The victim is the owner who is slumped dead on a chair and have a bullet hole in his head. A gun lies on the floor and a cassette recorder is found on the table. On pressing the play button, Mehul hears the message 'I have committed sins in my life and now I offer my soul to the great Lord and followed a gunshot Mehul smiles and informed the police that it's a murder.

Why did he think so?


    • How can a dead person rewind back the tape himself?

Snowy region-Detective Riddle

26.Detective Riddles
Raj and Rahul were friends and their house was in a snowy region. Raj called Detective Mehul and informed him about his friend's death. Raj said he went to meet Rahul and knocked at the door but nobody opened the door. He cleaned the moisture of the window glass to look into the house. He saw Rahul lying on the floor in the pull of blood. Mehul arrested the murderer right away. How?


    • Raj wouldn't be able to unfreeze the window glass because its usually icy on the inside

Killing a friend - Detective Riddle

27.Detective Riddles
Kushal is accused of killing his friend Riya. His lawyer in his final statement declares that Riya, in fact hasn? been killed and will enter the courtroom in a minute. Everybody in the room, including the judge and the jury, turns and looks at the door, and the lawyer with the defendant looks at them. Several minutes pass and the lawyer says ??t proves that you are not so sure that my client has killed Riya! Otherwise you wouldn? believe me!

Almost immediately after that, the jury comes up with a guilty verdict. Why does it happen?


    • Kushal, who was accused wasn? looking at the door. He was sure that Riya wouldn? enter as he had killed her.

Two pills-Detective Riddle

28.Detective Riddles
Jaikal consecutively kidnaps people and makes them take one of the two pills. One was harmless, the other was poisonous. Whichever pill the victim took, Jaikal took the other one. The victims always took the pills and died. Jaikal always survived. How did he always get a harmless pill?


    • Jaikal was tricking people. The poison was in the glass of water his victims drank, not in the pill.

Whats in the bag - Detective Riddle

29.Detective Riddles
Mehul is quickly coming up on an open field. He? got a bag with him. If he doesn? open the bag before he reaches the field, he?l be dead. What dangerous cargo is in this mysterious bag?


    • Mehul is skydiving, and in the bag he has his parachute.

Gogo's lie- Detective Riddle

30.Detective Riddles
Gogo told a story about how he was awarded a medal for ?ravery during World War 1? Why is this a lie?


    • They didn? know there was going to be a World War 2 at the time, so they wouldn? have said World War 1