Detective Riddles ( Episode 2 ) - An Invisible Thief | English riddles with voice

Inmates keep getting murdered in numerous prisons of the city leaving everyone confused and speechless! The culprit leaves no traces at the crime scene and doesn’t appear in the CCTV footage too! It’s almost as if they are invisible! The case continues to grow more and more complex as it progresses! Why is the culprit targeting prison inmates? How will Detective Mehul solve such a complicated case? Will he be able to catch the murderer? Or will he fail this time? Find the answers to all these questions through a series of amazing riddles and puzzles! Join Detective Mehul and his team in this adventure! This video contains very interesting riddles and puzzles that will test your brain. Are you ready to solve these interesting riddles and challenge your IQ. Comment your answers and see how many of these riddles with answers you were able to solve. These brain teasers can be really tough so take your time and solve.

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