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Relationship riddle

16. Riddle
 Alia, Riya, and Sanjana are not relatives. Alia and Riya have brothers, and Sanjana has a sister. Riya and Sanjana are the youngest in their families, and Alia is the oldest in hers. Who of them has an elder brother?



    • Riya

Mehul Riddles

17. Riddle
Mehul rides into town on Friday. He stays three days, then rides out of town on Friday. How?



    • The horse's name was Friday.

Guess the age riddle

18. Riddle
Gogo was ten on his last birthday and will be twelve on his next birthday. How can this be possible?



    • Today is his eleventh birthday.

Guess the age riddle

19. Riddle
When my father was 31, I was 8, says Kushal. Now he is twice as old as me. How old am I?



    • I must be 23 if my father is twice as old as me.

Logic riddles with Gogo

20. Riddle
Trying to tease Dhamaka Singh, Gogo gave him one gold coin and asks him to buy


something for him to eat
something for him to drink.
something to feed the cows
something to plant in the garden

and most important you need to buy only one thing. What must Dhamaka Singh buy to silence Gogo?

    • Watermelon
      something for him to eat - watermelon
      something for him to drink - juice of watermelon
      something to feed the cows - Watermelon rinds
      something to plant in the garden - the seeds of watermelon

Riya and Alia riddle

21. Riddle
Riya and Alia were chilling on a Sunday afternoon when they decided to engage in a round of tricky riddles. Riya asks Alia"What do you bury when it's alive and dig up when it's dead?"



    • A plant

Relationship Riddles

22. Riddle
Scientist Jaikaal has four daughters, and each of her daughters has a brother. How many children does Jaikaal have?



    • All the daughters have the same brother.

Can you guess?

23. Riddle
Once while in Kushal's house, he asked Riya to write something on a wall that makes one sad when read in good times and makes one happy when read in sad times.
Riya took only a few moments and wrote something that fit the requirements. What did she write?


    • She writes: The time will pass soon. If you read this line in happy times, you will be sad because you would want the happy time to last forever. If you read it in sad times, you will feel happy, as you will feel optimistic about the future.

Lost in the desert – Bhool bhulaiya and Sanjana riddle

24. Riddle
Scientist Bhool Bhulaiya and Sanjana were on vacation and driving along a deserted country road from the town of Kaysville to the town of Lynnville. They came to multiple forks on the road. The sign post had been knocked down and they were faced with choosing one of five different directions. Since they had left their map at the last gas station and there was no one around to ask, how could Bhool Bhulaiya and Sanjana find their way to Lynnville?



    • They need to stand the signpost up so that the arm reading Kaysville points in the direction of Kaysville, the town they had just come from. With one arm pointing the correct way, the other arms will also point in the right direction.

Guess the riddles with Mehul

25. Riddle
Mehul likes trees but not leaves, apples but not pears, jeeps but not vans, shinny but not hockey, tennis but not squash. What will he like, tea or coffee?



    • Coffee, he likes everything with double letters.

Can you guess the order?

26. Riddle
Alia, Mehul, Riya, Jagga, Gogo were eating apples i.e, A, B, C, D, and E respectively.  A finished before B, but behind C. D finished before E, but behind B. What was the finishing order?



    • CABDE. Putting the first three in order, A finished in front of B but behind C, so CAB. Then, we know D finished before B, so CABD. We know E finished after D, so CABDE.

Who am i?

27. Riddle
I'm a detective who travels around to solve cases and mysteries. I always wear a hat and a coat. Who am I?



    • Detective Mehul.

Logic riddles with Sanjana

28. Riddle
Sanjana asks everyone a question.” What is the start of a month”. Can you guess the answer? 



    • The letter, M.

Use your brain riddles!

29. Riddle
Gogo wears shirts sized XXL and weighs 94kgs. He has an assistant who at his butcher shop wears shirts sized XXXL. How much does Gogo’s assistant weigh?



    • Gogo’s assistant weighs meat at the butcher shop.

The Needle Riddle

30. Riddle
Detective Mehul dropped a needle into a bottle and sealed it with a cork. How would you remove the needle without breaking the bottle or removing the cork?



    • Push the cork through the bottle then remove the needle.

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