Q1. I always wear pink specs, I look very pretty, I'm Detective Mehul's assistant, you probably know me. Guess who am i.

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Paheliyan Game Online

Technology : HTML5
Rating : N/A
Released : April 2024
Platform : Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

For Everyone - Great for people of all ages who like to think and play with words, paheli and paheliyan

Welcome to Paheliyan Game Online ! This is a fun game full of Hindi riddles, called paheliyan. These paheliyan are like little puzzles you solve with your brain. Some are easy, and some are hard, but all of them are fun to think about. This game is for everyone, whether you're good at solving riddles or just starting to try them.

How to Play:

  • When you start the game, you see your first paheli.
  • Think about the paheli and what the answer might be.
  • If you guess the answer or if you want to know the answer, click the "Show Answer" button to see if you're right.
  • To see a new paheli, click the "Next" button. There are many paheliyan to try, so you can keep playing as much as you like.
  • There's no score keeping. The fun is in trying to solve the riddles and learning new things.


  • Lots of Riddles: There are many different paheliyan to try, from easy ones to hard ones.
  • See Answers Easily: If a paheli is too hard, you can click a button to see the answer.
  • Play as Much as You Want: There are so many paheliyan, you can play a lot without seeing the same one twice.
  • No Rush: Take your time to think about the paheliyan. There’s no hurry.

Tips to Enjoy Paheliyan Pro:

  • Take your time to think about each paheli. If you don't get it right away, that's okay.
  • Play with your friends or family. It’s more fun when you try to solve the paheliyan together.
  • If you find some paheliyan hard, see it as a way to learn something new.


  • Next Button: Click this to go to the next paheli.
  • Show Answer Button: Click this if you want to see the answer to the paheli.