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    Riddles with answers

    One day, Alia and Mehul were discussing that one was born in summer and the other was born in winter. Mehul was not born in winter. Who among them was born in the summer?


    Math Riddle
    Math Riddle

    A 300 ft. train is traveling 300 ft. per minute must travel through a 300 ft. long tunnel. How long will it take the train to travel through the tunnel?

      Two minutes. It takes the front of the train one minute, and the rest of the train will take two minutes to clear the tunnel.

    Detective Riddles
    Detective Riddle

    Dhamaka singh had 2 pills, one was safe and the other was poisonous, he gave them to Sanjana and alia with some water. After taking the pill, both of them died. How did they die?

      Dhamaka singh poisoned the water.

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