Q1. I always wear pink specs, I look very pretty, I'm Detective Mehul's assistant, you probably know me. Guess who am i.

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Riddle Game Online

Technology : HTML5
Rating :
Released :
April 2024
Platform :
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

For Everyone - Great for all ages who love solving puzzles

Riddle Game Online is a fun game filled with all sorts of riddles with answers. From brain teasers to funny riddles, there's something here for everyone. Whether you're already good at solving riddles or just starting, this game will make you think and smile. It's made for people who enjoy testing their brain and learning new things.

How to Play

  • When you start, you'll see a riddle on the screen.
  • Read the riddle and think about what the answer could be.
  • If you figure out the answer or if you're curious and want to know, click the "Show Answer" button.
  • Ready for another riddle? Just click the "Next" button. There are lots of riddles waiting for you, so you can play as long as you like.
  • This game isn't about keeping score. It's all about the fun of guessing the answers and learning.


  • Many Riddles: Enjoy a wide variety of riddles, from easy ones to ones that make you think harder.
  • Answers Available: If you're stuck on a riddle, you can easily see the answer with a click.
  • Unlimited Fun: With so many riddles available, you can keep playing and never get bored.
  • Take Your Time: There's no time limit. Think about each riddle at your own pace.

Tips to Enjoy Riddle Quest

  • Don't rush. Enjoy thinking about each riddle before seeing the answer.
  • Play with others. Solving riddles can be more fun with friends or family.
  • It's okay if some riddles are tricky. They're chances to learn something new.


  • Next Button: Click to move to the next riddle.
  • Show Answer Button: Click to reveal the answer to the current riddle.