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Get ready to put your detective skills to the test with MindYourLogic's latest offering: 10 intriguing Detective Mehul riddles! In this post, you'll find a collection of brain-teasers featuring Detective Mehul, each accompanied by its solution. Not only you will enjoy solving these riddles, but you'll also sharpen your intellect in the process. So, are you prepared to tackle these 10 challenging Detective Mehul riddles? Let's dive in!


1. In the city, a Killer had killed more than 30 people. Inspector Ganpat was on the hunt for this Killer. Today, the Killer murdered a man named Bob. Inspector Ganpat reaches the Killer's hideout. There, on the wall, he sees some letters written. Ganpat doesn't understand them. He immediately calls Detective Mehul to the crime scene. Mehul carefully observes the letters written on the wall, which were in a pattern! Besides the letters on the wall, Mehul also notices pictures of three girls.

Can you carefully observe the pattern of these letters? Can you tell who the Killer will target next among these three?



Answer: Look at the pattern "ABA," there are three letters in the word, and the name of the last victim was "BOB," which was also a three-letter word. The next pattern is ABBA, and in the second picture, the girl's name is ANNA. The number of letters in her name matches the number of letters in the pattern. Therefore, ANNA will be the next target for the Killer



2. Detective Mehul regularly changes the number of his house, and his pattern also changes.
For example,
Monday - A202
Tuesday - C404
Wednesday - E606
By looking at the number pattern, you have to figure out what will be Mehul's house number on Thursday?
Understand the number pattern carefully and also look at the image provided below, then tell,
What will be Mehul's house number on Thursday?



Answer:G- 808

The alphabets are increasing alternatively,
A, C, E, so the next letter will be G.
And the numbers are increasing with 202.
202, 404, 606,
So, on Thursday, Mehul's house number will be G-808.




3. In Paris, one night, there was a terrible rainstorm and darkness had enveloped everywhere. There were no lights in the whole city. Tina returned home from her tour and checked her locker, but her jewelry was missing. Tina immediately called Inspector Ganpat.

There were 3 suspects in this case - George, Ren, and Tim.

George said, "There was no electricity, I fell asleep. Check the CCTV."


Ren - "I was telling a story to my child."


Tim - "There was no light, so I was reading by candlelight, and then I fell asleep."


Read the statements of these three carefully and tell who stole from Tina's house?


Answer: Both George and Tim are lying. George knew that nothing could be recorded on CCTV because there was no electricity, and Tim is saying that he fell asleep, whereas the candle is still burning. The candle should have extinguished within 3 hours. But the candle is still the same. This means that George and Tim stole from Tina's house.


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4. Mehul was having coffee with his friends at a cafe when a girl approached him and said, "Sir, I'm a huge fan of yours! Can you give me an autograph?"

Suddenly, the lights go off. Mehul's friends panic and scream together - "What happened?!".

The waiter immediately turns the lights back on.

When the lights come on, it is revealed that the girl's diamond brooch has been stolen. Detective Mehul interrogates everyone present there one by one.

The friends say, "It was dark, we couldn't see anything. We were sitting with you. We don't know anything."

The waiter says, "Sir, I didn't even move from my place. I don't know anything either."

Looking at the before and after images below, can you tell who stole the girl's brooch?



Answer: Take a close look at the image. In the "Before" image, the waiter's hand was holding a half-filled glass of orange juice. But in the "After" image, after the lights came on, the waiter's glass of orange juice is fully filled. This means the waiter has put something in the glass. When Mehul empties the glass, a diamond brooch comes out of it. Mehul immediately catches the waiter.



5. In the city, a psycho killer was roaming around, targeting only girls for murder. On the first day, he killed Avva. On the second day, he killed Ammy. And on the third day, he killed Sam. The police manage to track down the killer's location by the third day, but fail to catch him.

Inspector Tom then calls Detective Mehul to the killer's location. When Mehul investigates the killer's hideout, he sees three pictures of girls on a board.
Pay close attention to these pictures and tell me, who will the Killer target next? 1) Lily 2) Alice or 3) Luna?



Answer: Look closely at the image, the killer is targeting only girls with brown hair.
Avva, Ammy, and Sam all have brown hair, and in the image, only Alice has brown hair. This means the killer will target Alice next.



6. There was a theft at St. Thomas school! Detective Mehul was called for investigation! Mehul immediately reached the crime scene. There were three suspects in the school.

Detective Mehul questioned all three suspects.

Alice - "I was in the washroom. I don't know anything."

Stella - "I was hungry, so I went to the vending machine to get some chips. I don't know anything either."

mehul ki paheliyan-img-10
Sam - "I was talking to my girlfriend the whole time. I have no clue."

After hearing the statements of all three suspects, Mehul immediately understood who committed the theft!
Based on the statements of the three suspects, can you tell who committed the theft in the school?

Answer: Stella committed the theft! If you look towards the vending machine, it is a cold drinks vending machine. There are no chips packets! So why did Stella go there to get chips? This means she lied!


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7. One day, Detective Mehul receives a call from Jason, who informs him that his wife, Sana, has committed suicide. Detective Mehul rushes to the crime scene and thoroughly investigates it.

Jason explains to Mehul that a day earlier, he had an argument with Sana. Sana immediately took out a bottle of poisonous pills from the drawer, consumed them, and died.

Detective Mehul sends the poison bottle to the lab for testing. The lab in-charge informs Detective Mehul that only Sana's fingerprints are on the bottle, and the pills inside are the same ones Sana consumed. However, the lab in-charge concludes that Sana did not commit suicide but was murdered. Why did the lab in-charge think so?

Can you tell by looking at the poison bottle whether Sana committed suicide or was murdered?



Answer: Upon close inspection of the bottle, it's evident that only Sana's fingerprints are on the bottle, but there are no fingerprints on the bottle cap. So how did Sana open the bottle? This indicates that when Sana died, Jason was the one who placed his wife's fingerprints on the bottle, but he forgot to leave prints on the bottle cap. Because of this, the lab in-charge understood.




8. Detective Mehul get to know that a criminal has escaped from jail and is now at London Airport. Mehul quickly reaches the airport. At the airport, Mehul suspects three people: August, Aiman, and Ben.

August says -"Sir, I am going to New York. I came to London for business. Here is my business card."
Aiman says - "Sir, I am from London. I study in New York. I am going to college."
Ben says - "Sir, I am also from London. I am going to Norway for vacation."
Mehul doesn't get any hint from these three, so he scans their belongings.

Can you tell from the belongings of these three who the escaped criminal is?



Answer: Ben had said that he was going to Norway. Norway has cold weather, but Ben didn't have any winter clothes in his bag. This indicates that Ben was lying and he is the one who escaped from jail.



9. Dong, the world's biggest mafia don, is being hunted by the police of seven countries. Other mafia bosses are also after him. However, no one has managed to catch him yet. One day, Dong was reading a newspaper in the garden when suddenly, four other mafia bosses arrived, and someone shot at him. Detective Mehul was nearby Dong's area when he heard the gunshots and immediately rushed to the crime scene. He arrests all four mafia bosses. But Mehul is confused about which one of them shot at Dong. Can you help Mehul identify the shooter? By carefully reading the situation and thinking logically, can you tell how Mehul will figure out who fired the shot?

Answer: Mehul can determine who fired the shot by touching the guns of the four mafia bosses. The gun that is warm indicates that it was fired.





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10. Detective Mehul receives news that Anjali has died at her home. Detective Mehul quickly reaches Anjali's house and thoroughly investigates the crime scene. Mehul finds a blood-stained knife at the crime scene, which also has fingerprints on it. Mehul think about the situation. During Anjali's death, no one was at home. Mehul gathers more information about Anjali and get to know that she had some affairs. She deceived several boys. Mehul matches the fingerprints of all of Anjali's boyfriends and Anjali's fingerprints found on the knife. Can you tell by looking at the clue image whether Anjali's death was a murder or suicide?



Answer: If you look at the fingerprints on the knife, they match perfectly with Anjali's fingerprints,indicating that anjali commited suicide.





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