100+ Animal Riddles To Challenge Your Brain

Discover our collection of animal riddles! These fun riddles will take you on a journey through the animal kingdom. Perfect for kids and adults alike, these riddles are a great way to have some fun while learning about the fascinating creatures that share our planet. So, put your thinking caps on and get ready to guess the animals hiding behind the clues!

I have an extremely long trunk riddle

2. Riddles
I am an animal you might love But I am too big to be your pet
I have an extremely long trunk. And it's said I never forget.
    • Elephant.

my long tongue to eat leaves f riddle

3. Riddles
I like to use my long tongue to eat leaves from tops of trees.
I don't have to climb up though. With my long neck, it's a breeze.
    • Giraffe.

My wings are used as flippers riddle

4. Riddles
My wings are used as flippers, so in water I can flow.
Sometimes when on land I slide on my belly in the snow.
    • Penguin.

Eyes in the Front, Many Behind

6. Riddles
The strangest creature you'll ever find: two eyes in front and many more behind.
    • Peacock

Heavy Load, Silver Trail riddle

9. Riddles
If a man would carry my burden he would break his back
I am not rich But leave silver in my track.
    • Snail.

Z to A Mover riddle

12. Riddles
The alphabet goes from A to Z, but I go Z to A.
    • Zebra

The spots help me blend into my surroundings

13. Riddles
When I am born, I have white spots that disappear as I get older. The spots help me blend into my surroundings. My coat is usually light brown.
    • Deer

Upside down, and on Halloween riddle

14. Riddles
I live upside down, and on Halloween, I will give you a big surprise. I see with my ears and not my eyes.
    • Bat

Eat fruits, insects and flowers riddle

15. Riddles
I look like you, except I have a tail; I am a good tree climber. I can mimic you very easily. I eat fruits, insects and flowers. My favourite food is bananas.
    • Monkey