Video Riddles with Answers

Solve video english riddles with answers with our super characters.

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This video series contains very interesting riddles and puzzles that will test your brain. Are you ready to solve these interesting riddles and challenge your IQ.

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Detective Riddles

Meet Detective Mehul ! He’s fast, he’s clever and solves puzzles quicker than one can think. Murder or robbery, no crime can escape the eyes of the smartest detective. Even the trickiest puzzles and riddles are like pieces of cake for Detective Mehul.

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Yash - The Ghost Hunter

Yash the Ghost Hunter will never let a ghost, mummy, or Dracula, escape. If anyone bothers you, simply summon Yash the ghost hunter and he come to your aid. This video series contains lots of riddles, ghost riddles with answers, horror story riddles, Halloween riddles, riddles with answers, drakula riddles, mummy riddles.