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    Do you think you're observant enough to solve these Who is the killer riddles? So, Let's put your thinking caps on and try to solve these 10 hard Who is the killer riddles. In these riddles, you have to use detective skills to guess who did the murder. You'll have to use your brain a little more to solve these tricky who are the killer riddles

    1.Detective Riddles

    Three Children Murder Mystery

    1.Detective Riddles

    Sanjana and Bhool bhulaiya left their three children at home and went to the supermarket. All their children were found dead when they came back..

    According to the helper, she was reading the paper.
    The butler claimed to be putting the groceries away,
    while the maid claimed to be making the beds.
    Who did it? 

    • Helper
    • Butler
    • Maid
    • None of them
      • The butler because the parents went to the supermarket to get the groceries as they were out of groceries.
    2.Detective Riddles

    Circular Mansion Riddle

    2.Detective Riddles

    In a circular mansion, a man has been discovered dead. Detective Mehul examines the babysitter, maid, and cook.

    The cook claimed he was too busy preparing the food to have been able to do it.
    The maid claimed that she was engaged in cleaning the corners to have done it.
    The babysitter said she couldn't because she was playing with the children. 

    Who's the liar? How did Detective Mehul discover?

    • The maid
    • The Babysitter
    • The Cook
    • None of them
    The maid
      • The maid. In a circular mansion, there are no corners.
    3.Detective Riddles

    Murder on Sunday Morning

    3.Detective Riddles

    It was a Sunday morning.

    Father was getting the mail, the mother was in the kitchen cooking breakfast, the little brother was playing Nintendo, the big brother was playing the guitar, the little sister was playing with dolls, and Riya was listening to music.


    Suddenly they heard a sound from Riya's room and everyone rushed to her room and found that she had been murdered!

    • Little Brpther
    • The Mother
    • The Father
    • Big brother
    The Father
      • The father, as no one gets mail on a Sunday.
    4.Detective Riddles

    The Bakers Street Murder Mystery

    4.Detective Riddles

    A murder took place on Baker Street. The murderer seemed a fan of Detective Mehul evident with the notes he/she left behind at the house at different locations.

    When Detective Mehul arrived, he found out that the victim was a lady named Martha. She was shot and there were five suspects:

    The notes that were left by the murderer were placed at 
    different places and had a little description on them:
    The first note was found in the compound.
    The second note was found in the art room.
    The third note was found in the restroom.
    The fourth note was found in the underwater room.
    The fifth note was found in the smoking lounge.
    The sixth note was found in the makeup room.

    All the notes had only one thing written on them: "The clues are where you find the notes." On examination, nothing was found anywhere. Can you help Mehul to decipher this puzzle?

    • Ben
    • Lisa
    • Catherine
    • Marcus
      • While it may have sounded a bit too difficult, it is not that difficult to crack.
        The murderer is Marcus.
        The notes were found in the Compound, Art Room, Restroom, Underwater Room, Smoking Lounge, and Makeup Room.
        Now, if we just look at the first letter of each, we will have - C, A, R, U, S, and M.
        If you arrange the letters, you will get the name Marcus.
    5.Detective Riddles

    Famous Chemist Murder Mystery

    5.Detective Riddles

    To attend a world science seminar, A famous chemist from Russia visit Tokyo(Japan). In the lab, the scientist was killed and his six assistants were under suspicion of killing the chemist.

    Name of six assistants: Austin, Wayne, Dege, Oscar, Lingard, and Rojo.
    He left a note "76-20-44 79-16-22-7"

    The detective Mehul was called to solve the case, After reading the note, Detective Mehul instantly asked the police to arrest the murderers. Who are the murderers?

    • Wayne and Dege
    • Lingard and Rojo
    • Austin and Oscar
    • Wayne and Oscar
    Austin and Oscar
      • Oscar and Austin.
        The Chemist hide the name using periodic table as shown in below picture
        76-20-44 => Os(76) + Ca(20) + Ru(44)
        79-16-22-7=> Au(79) + S(16) + Ti(22) + N(7)
    6.Detective Riddles

    Aalia's Murder Mystery

    6.Detective Riddles

    Aalia was found dead in the central park of London.

    Aalia has written the murderer's name in cipher on the floor as "dqvxf"

    There are four suspects 

    Police were unable to solve the mystery so they called Detective Mehul. After a minute, Mehul was able to decipher and captureD the murdered. Who is the murderer ?

    • A.Pedro
    • B.William
    • C.Costa
    • D.Harry
      • c + 1 characters-> d
        o + 2 characters-> q
        s + 3 characters-> v
        t + 4 characters-> x
        a + 5 characters-> f
    7.Detective Riddles

    Japanese Ship Sailor Murder Mystery

    7.Detective Riddles

    A Japanese ship was sailing in the open sea. Gogo the sailor was found murdered in the shower. After some analysis the captain found 5 crew members who could have done it. The captain called the five suspected crew members and asked each one where and what he was doing for the last 15 minutes.

    The Filipino cook in an overcoat said,
    "I was in cold storage getting the meat"
    The Indian Engineer with a torch in hand said,
    "I was repairing the spare generator engine"
    The Sri Lankan seaman said, 
    "I was on the mast (top of the ship) correcting 
    the flag which was upside down by mistake"
    The British radio officer said, "I was messaging the company that 
    we are reaching the next port in 72 hours. 
    From now that is Wednesday morning at 10 AM."

    The captain caught the thief who had lied. So who was the murderer?

    • Filipino cook i
    • The British radio officer
    • The Indian Engineer
    • The Sri Lankan seaman
    The Sri Lankan seaman.
      • The Sri Lankan seaman said that he was correcting the flag which was upside down, what he didn`t realize was that the Japanese ship has a Japanese flag which looks the same even when it is upside down. So he was definitely, lying about his whereabouts.
        So the captain would easily conclude that he was the killer.
    8.Detective Riddles

    Scientist Bhoolbhulaiya Murder Mystery

    8.Detective Riddles

    A famous chemist Scientist Bhool Bhulaiya was found murdered in his own lab. There was no evidence except for a piece of paper with the names of chemical substances on it, which he wrote right before he died.

    The chemicals on the list were; Oxygen Carbon Nickel Lanthanum Sulfur

    On the day he was murdered, the chemist had only 3 visitors:
    his wife Mary,
    his nephew Nicolas,
    and his friend Johnathan.

    The police arrested the murderer right away. How did they know who it was and why?

    • His wife Mary
    • His nephew Nicolas
    • His friend Johnathan.
    • None of them
    His nephew Nicolas
      • The chemicals in the list have the following chemical formula;
        Oxygen -> O
        Carbon -> C
        Nickel -> Ni
        Lanthanum -> La
        Sulfur -> S
        If you re-arrange this letters the name you get is Nicolas.
    9.Detective Riddles

    Murder Mystery of Jagga

    9.Detective Riddles

    Jagga the robber died on a Sunday afternoon.

    The suspects were his wife, the maid, the driver & his daughter.

    His wife said she was out for lunch.
    The maid said she was cleaning the house.
    The driver said he was buying groceries at the market &                                         
    His daughter said she was at school.

    After hearing all the answers, the detective arrested the killer. Who was the murderer?

    • The wife
    • The daughter.
    • The maid
    • The driver
    The daughter.
      • The daughter. There`s no school on Sunday.
    10.Detective Riddles

    Gogo Murder Mystery

    10.Detective Riddles

    Gogo was murdered on one freezing Friday. The police came.They got explanations of what everyone at the house was doing that day:

    The wife was cooking dinner.
    The maid was dusting the bedroom.
    The butler was cleaning the pool.
    The children were watching TV.

    Who was the murderer and why?

      • The butler.