Ghost Hunter Entry of Ghost Hunter Video Riddles -

With the onset of the spooky season, Yash – The Ghost Hunter is now busier than ever! Halloween is around the corner and the presence of ghosts is being felt in all parts of the world! Burt was fast asleep when he was greeted by a ghost and a series of haunted events unfolded thereafter! Yash is prepared to fight off all evil with his special bike, watch and gun! But his missions won’t be successful without your support! So, are you ready for this wild and mysterious ride? Join Yash in his adventure and up your IQ game through a series of amazing riddles and puzzles along the way! This video contains very interesting riddles and puzzles that will test your brain. Are you ready to solve these interesting riddles and challenge your IQ. Comment your answers and see how many of these riddles with answers you were able to solve. These brain teasers can be really tough so take your time and solve.

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