100+ Science Riddles to Test Your Knowledge and Enjoy the Challenge

Here are 100+ science riddles for you to enjoy! Looking for a science related riddles challenge? Check out our collection of chemistry riddles, physics riddles, biology riddles! They'll make you think and teach you scientific riddles things. Test yourself with this 100+ science riddles with answer. Whether you love science or just want some brain-teasing fun, these riddles are perfect. Put your thinking cap on and get ready to solve the mysteries of the universe, one science riddle at a time!

I am a lack of space riddle 

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I touch your face. I am in your words. I am a lack of space and beloved by birds. What am I? 
    • Air 

I can measure heat 

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I am a god, a planet, and I can measure heat. What am I? 
    • Mercury 

Cannot be bought at a gas station 

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I am a gas that is helpful to plants, but I cannot be bought at a gas station. What am I? 
    • Carbon dioxide 

Inside and outside your body riddle 

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I can be good for you, I can be bad, I can be found all over inside and outside your body. I am microscopic, single-celled and have no nucleus. 
    • Bacteria 

Two periodic elements riddle 

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What two periodic elements, when combined, heal? 
    • Helium and Aluminum (HE + AL) 

Bit of nuclear energy riddle 

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When two light nuclei become one, I liberate quite a bit of nuclear energy? What am I? 
    • Nuclear fusion 

Chemical symbol for gold 

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What is the chemical symbol for gold? 
    • The chemical symbol for gold is Au.