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🌸 Welcome to MindYourLogic! Get ready to have fun with flower riddles! 🌼 From roses to tulips, we've got all sorts of flowery puzzles to brighten your day. 🌺 Let's explore the magical world of flowers riddles together and challenge our minds with these delightful flower riddles. 🌻 Stay tuned for more floral fun!🌸🌼🌺


1. Riddle : This is a type of plant. Which sounds like something in the sky. It is very yellow. And can grow to be ten feet high. 

Answer: Sunflower


2. Riddle: This can be a female name, but this riddle will not drive you crazy. As it’s also a flower’s name and can be a gerbera. What is it?

Answer: Daisy


3.Riddle: I'm a symbol of love, with soft and red petals. What am I?

Answer: A rose.


4. Riddle: I'm a flower with petals like a flame, often used in ceremonies to honor a name. What am I?

Answer: Marigold.


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5. Riddle: At night, my pleasant fragrance fills the air, so sweet and pure. People treasure my delicate white flowers, seeing them as a symbol of love and charm. What could I be?



6. Riddle: I come from muddy places but am beautiful and pure. People love me for my looks and my spiritual charm. What could I be?




7. Riddle: I'm a fragile flower found in ponds and rivers. My petals open up when the sun rises, reflecting the beauty of nature. What flower am I?



8. Riddle: Riddle: I'm a flower that loves the color purple, you might find me in your garden as a lovely surprise. Sometimes, the fragrance of shower products comes from me. What am I?

Answer: Lavender


9. Riddle: When the bride did drop her bouquet, what did she say?

Answer: “Whoopsy-daises” 


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10. Riddle: Cup-shaped blooms on straight, green stems, in March and April my bud unfurls, fields of me you'll see in Holland, brilliant red, pink, yellow or white. What am I? 

Answer: Tulips.


11. Riddle: What would you get when you cross a rose with a sheepdog?

Answer: It’s a collie flower!


12. Riddle: I'm a flower that pops up in the garden when spring arrives, with a yellow trumpet announcing the end of winter. What flower could I be?

Answer: Daffodil.


13. Riddle: I'm a sweet-smelling flower with many blossoms grouped together, my color is soft, and my scent drifts in the air. People often find me in gardens, bringing a hint of springtime. What flower might I be?

Answer: Lilac.


14. Riddle: I'm a flower admired for my beauty and grace, with petals that resemble delicate lace. Found in different colors, I bring charm and cheer, enhancing any space where I appear. What flower could I be?

Answer: Orchid.


15. Riddle: I'm a flower found in sunny places, with petals that look like colorful faces. Birds and bees love to hover near, drawn to my beauty so clear. What flower could I be?

Answer: Hibiscus.


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16. Riddle: I'm a flower known for my tropical flair, my fragrant blooms drift through the air. With petals soft as a whispering breeze, I bring a touch of paradise with ease. What am I?

Answer: Plumeria.


17. Riddle: I'm a flower with a sweet-smelling name, my blooms are like stars in a game. In tropical climes, I gracefully sway, spreading fragrance all day. What flower could I be?

Answer: Frangipani flower.


18. Riddle: I'm a flower with ruffled petals so neat, in bouquets and gardens, I'm a treat. With a fragrance so sweet, and colors so bright, I'm a favorite for any sight. What am I?

Answer: Carnation.


19. Riddle: I'm a flower with petals like a rainbow's kiss, standing tall, bringing bliss. In gardens, I sway with grace, painting smiles on every face. What flower am I?

Answer: Iris.


20. Riddle: I'm a flower with petals soft and round, in gardens, my beauty knows no bound. With hues so lovely, and fragrance so sweet, I make every garden complete. What am I?

Answer: Peony.




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