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🌿 Welcome to the amazing world of nature riddles, where the wind tells stories and plants have secrets to share! 🍃 Get ready for a fun journey through nature's wonders, where we'll explore the beauty of the Earth and its creatures through simple nature riddles with answers. 🌄 From big mountains to calm lakes, nature has so much to show us. 🏞️Get ready to smile and be amazed by the wonders of nature! 🌟


1. I watch the world, silent and bright,
Guiding with my soft, silver light.
In darkness, I am the sight?

Answer: The moon.


2. I stand tall and strong, yet never awake,
Holding life in my arms, for the earth’s sake.
Seasons change, but my position, never change?

Answer: A tree.


3. I rise above, touching the sky,
Majestic and tall, where eagles fly.
Climbing me is a dream so high?

Answer: A mountain.⛰️


4. I fly without wings, 
I cry without eyes. 
What am I? 

Answer: Cloud.⛅


5. I'm a source of light at night, 
but I'm not the moon?

Answer: Star.⭐


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6. I'm a shimmering body of water, 
reflecting the sky above. 
Fish dart beneath my surface. 
What am I?

Answer: Lake.


7. I'm a powerful force of nature, 
shaking the ground beneath your feet?

Answer: Earthquake.


8. What grows when it eats, but dies when it drinks?. 

Answer: Fire.🔥


9. I'm a small, winged creature with vibrant colors, 
fluttering from flower to flower?
What am I?

Answer: Butterfly.🦋


10. They're up near the sky, on something very tall. 
Sometimes they die, only then do they fall?

Answer: Leaves.🥬


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11. I am vast, empty, yet full of life,
Home to silence, peace, and strife.
Under the sun, I am rife?

Answer: The desert.


12. I touch your face, I'm in your words,
I'm lack of space and beloved by birds?

Answer: Air.


13. I'm a colorful arc after the rain,
Bringing joy and smiles again.
In the sky, I remain?

Answer: Rainbow.🌈


14. I'm a little bug that buzzes around,
With stripes or spots, I can be found.
Pollinating flowers, I'm often crowned?

Answer: Bee.🐝


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15. I'm a green carpet, covering ground,
Soft and lush, all around.
Wherever I grow, life is found?

Answer: Grass.


16. I'm a chirping song, sweet and clear,
Filling forests, far and near.
In springtime, I'm all you hear?

Answer: Birdsong


17. I'm a liquid ribbon, clear and cool,
Winding through valleys, a tranquil pool.
In sunlight, I shimmer and drool?

Answer: River.


18. I'm a shimmering blanket, pure and white,
Falling softly in the quiet night.
Covering the earth, glistening bright?

Answer: Snow.☃️


19. I'm a vibrant bloom, colorful and bright,
Drinking sunlight, basking in its light.
In gardens, I'm a pure delight?

Answer: Flower.🌸


20. I'm a prickly plant, dry and tall,
With needles sharp, I stand so tall.
Surviving deserts, I never fall?

Answer: Cactus.🌵



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