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Hey there! Today's blog is loaded with short tricky riddles with answers. These short tricky riddles with answers will make you think and challenge you in a fun way. So, Let's have some fun and solve these short tricky riddles with answers together! 🌟🧩

1.Can an ostrich call itself a bird?

Answer: No, an ostrich can’t speak.


2.A suburban electric train runs 45 miles per hour. Which side does fume go?

Answer: An electric train has no fume.


3.Is it possible to jump from a ten-meters ladder and don’t smash?

Answer: Easy! You should jump from the very first step.


4.What tree does the hare sit under when it rains?

Answer: The hare sits under the wet tree.


5.There is a ruler, a pencil, a compass, and an eraser on the table.You have to draw a circle on a piece of paper.What’s the first step?

Answer: You should take a piece of paper first.



6.What do you call someone who pulls your leg?

Answer:It could be a prankster, joker, or a liar.


7.How can six kids, two dogs, and four adults stay dry under one umbrella?

Answer: If it doesn't rain outside.


8.What is the capital in France?

Answer: The letter F is the only capital letter in France.


9. If a red house is made of red bricks, and a yellow house is made of yellow bricks, what is a greenhouse made of?

Answer: All greenhouses are made of glass.


10.An electric train is headed east. Where does the smoke go?

Answer: Electric trains don’t produce any smoke



11.How can one make a line longer without even touching the line?

Answer: Make a shorter line next to the original one, making the first line look longer.


12.What has thirteen hearts but no brain?

Answer: A deck of cards


13.What travels faster- heat or cold?

Answer: Heat because you can catch a cold


14.What will you call a song about a car? 

Answer: A cartune (cartoon)


15.How can you make six into an odd number? 

Answer: Remove the letter S and you have IX which is 9 in roman numerals



16.What water can you eat and chew? 

Answer: Watermelon


17.What pad gets dirty and gross whenever it gets a visitor? 

Answer: A feminine pad


18.Major or minor I can be, when you touch me make sure you that you’re on the right key. 

Answer: Piano keys


19.Why don’t famous actors and actresses sweat? 

Answer: Because they have so many fans


20.What kind of table does not have legs? 

Answer: Periodic tables and multiplication tables



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