25+ Plant Riddles To Test Your Botanical Knowledge | MindYourLogic Riddles

🌱 Welcome to our collection of 25+ plant riddles ! Are you excited to explore the amazing world of plants with us? From tall trees to colorful flowers, there's so much to discover. Get ready to have a blast as we solve some plant riddles with answers together! So, grab a seat and let's dive into the green world of plant riddles! 🌿💡 


1. Riddle: What comes out first from seed when it is soaked in water? 

Answer: Root


2. Riddle: Which is the oldest tree? 

Answer: Great Basin bristlecone pine 


3. Riddle: Which is the tallest tree? 

Answer: The Hyperion 


4. Riddle: Which plant has no branches? 

Answer: Leafy plants like lettuce, chard, etc. 


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5. Riddle: Which two trees do not have branches? 

Answer: Coconut and banana  


6. Riddle: What is another word for tree branch? 

Answer: Bough, limb 


7. Riddle: What is the oldest part of a tree? 

Answer: The pith 


8. Riddle: What was the very first tree? 

Answer: Archaeopteris 


9. Riddle: What are the smallest branches of a tree called? 

Answer: Twigs 


10. Riddle: Which plant grow on water? 

Answer: Aquatic plants 


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11. Riddle: Which plant grow in desert? 

Answer: Cactus, Agave or Mesquite 


12. Riddle: Which plants grow on land? 

Answer: Terrestrial plants  


13. Riddle: What comes out of a seed first? 

Answer: Radicle 


14. Riddle: Which part of the plant makes food? 

Answer: leaves🍃


15. Riddle: Which part of plant makes fruit? 

Answer: Ovary 


16. Riddle: Why do plants need sunlight? 

Answer: For photosynthesis 


17. Riddle: What is the fastest growing plant? 

Answer: Bamboo🎍


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18. Riddle: Which plants give oxygen at night? 

Answer: Snake Plant, Areca Palm, Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Spider Plant. 


19. Riddle: Which tree gives 24 hrs oxygen? 

Answer: The peepal tree 


20. Riddle: Which tree gives maximum oxygen? 

Answer: The banyan tree 


21. Riddle: What is the national tree of India? 

Answer: The Banyan tree 


22. Riddle: Which tree is called King of trees in India? 

Answer: The pipal tree  


23. Riddle: What is the strongest part of a plant? 

Answer: Tree stem 


24. Riddle: Which part of a plant is very beautiful? 

Answer: Its flowers💐


25. Riddle: What is the top layer of trees called? 

Answer: Outer bark


26. Riddle: I'm known for my spiky leaves and juicy flesh. People drink my juice and use me to make desserts like pies and tarts. What am I?

Answer: Pineapple🍍


27. Riddle: I'm green and leafy, often used in salads. What am I?

Answer: Lettuce🥬


28. Riddle: I'm prickly and green, often found in a desert. What am I?

Answer: Cactus🌵


 29. Riddle: I'm small and red, and people like to eat me on cereal or in desserts.

Answer: Strawberry🍓


30. Riddle: I'm red and juicy, with seeds inside. Some people call me a fruit, but I'm actually a vegetable. What am I?

Answer: Tomato🍅





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