30+ Bird Riddles To Boost Your Brain | MindYourLogic Riddles

🐦 Welcome, bird lovers, to our collection of bird riddles! 🌟 Get ready to explore the world of birds with some fun and exciting riddles. 🌈 Birds are amazing creatures with feathers and beaks, From big eagles to tiny sparrows, there's a variety of riddles for bird lovers. So, let's flap our wings and explore these delightful bird riddles together! 🌟


1. Riddle: What bird always forgets the lyrics to its songs?  

Answer: The Hummingbird. 


2. Riddle: What bird can carry the most weight? 

 Answer: The crane. 


3. Riddle: What bird is always out of breath?  

Answer: The puffin. 


4. Riddle: What bird is a symbol of peace?  

Answer: The dove. 


5. Riddle: What bird is known for its beautiful voice?  

Answer: The nightingale. 


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6. Riddle: What bird loves a good laugh?  

Answer: The laughing kookaburra. 


7. Riddle: What bird can't keep a secret? 

Answer: Parrot.🦜


8. Riddle: Which bird is a symbol of grace and beauty? 

Answer: Peacock.🦚


9. Riddle: Which bird is the world's largest flightless bird? 

Answer: Ostrich. 


10. Riddle: What bird is known for its haunting calls in the night? 

Answer: Owl.🦉


11. Riddle: Which Of The Following Birds Dive Into Water To Catch Fishes?

Answer: Kingfisher. 


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12. Riddle: What do you call a bird that's afraid to fly?  

Answer: A chicken.🐔 


13. Riddle: Where do the bird sit? 

Answer: The birds could sit on the wall or on the tree 


14. Riddle: What do you call when a bird sits? 

Answer: Perching. 


15. Riddle: What is a bird's favorite type of math? 

Answer: Owlgebra. 


16. RiddlesWhat bird talks the best? 

Answer: African grey parrot 


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17. Riddle: What bird can swim but not fly?  

Answer: A penguin.🐧 


18. Riddle: What bird is very rude? 

Answer: Mocking bird. 


19. Riddle: I'm a small bird with a red breast, often seen hopping around gardens. What am I?  

Answer: Robin. 


20. RiddleWhat is the big black bird that caws? 

Answer: American Crows. 


21. Riddle: Which bird makes hanging nest? 

Answer: The weaver bird. 


22. RiddleWhich bird have sharp eyesight? 



23. Riddle: Which bird has hair on head? 

Answer: Victoria Crowned Pigeon 


24. Riddle: What type of bird never needs a haircut?  

Answer: A bald eagle. 


25. Riddle: Which bird swims in water? 

Answer: Pelicans, ducks and geese. 


26. Riddle: Who is the lucky bird? 

Answer: Sparrow. 


27. Riddle: What birds build nests in the mud? 

Answer: Indian Cliff Swallow 


28. Riddle: Which bird can fly for 6 months? 

Answer: Alpine swifts 


29. Riddle: Which Indian bird Cannot fly? 

Answer: Kakapo 


30. Riddle: What is the fastest bird? 

Answer: The peregrine falcon 









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