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1. What was the name of Ravana's brother in the Ramayana, who was a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu?

Answer: Vibhishana


2. Who is the mother of god hanuman Ramayan?

Answer: Anjana


3. What is the name of the river where Lord Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana stayed during their exile?

Answer: Godavari River


4. Whose nose was cut in ramayan ?

Answer: Lakshmana Cuts the Nose of the Demoness Surpanakha


5. What was the name of the father of King Dasharatha?

Answer: Aj


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6. What was the name of Lakshmana's wife?

Answer: Urmila


7. Where were Luv and Kush brought up?

Answer: In the hermitage of Rishi Valmiki


8. Which queen of King Dasharatha used to accompany him in battles?

Answer: Kaikeyi


9. How many sons did Lord Rama and Mata Sita have?

Answer: 2


10. What were the names of Urmila and Lakshmana's sons?

Answer: Angad and Dharmaketu


11. What was the name of Ravana's army chief?

Answer: Prahasta


12. Who accompanied Mata Sita to the forest on Lord Shri Ram's orders?

Answer: Lakshmana


13. What was the name of the wife of Vanar Raj Sugriva?

Answer: Ruma


14. What was the name of Bharat's wife?

Answer: Mandavi


15. What was the name of the demon in the form of a deer that Lord Rama killed?

Answer: Maricha


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16. How many verses are there in Valmiki Ramayana?

Answer: 24,000


17. In which language did Sage Valmiki originally compose the epic Ramayana?

Answer: Sanskrit


18. Who reminded Hanuman Ji of his lost powers in the Ramayana?

Answer: Jambavan


19. When Ravana was abducting Mata Sita, which bird attempted to stop him?

Answer: Jatayu


20. In Lanka, which house did Hanuman Ji spare before setting fire to the entire city?

Answer: Vibhishana's house


21. In the Ramayana, in which incarnation of Lord Shiva was he present?

Answer: Hanuman


22. What was the name of Queen Kaikeyi's maid, who played a crucial role in sending Lord Rama to exile?

Answer: Manthara


23. What object did Hanuman Ji give to Mata Sita as a token of Lord Rama's sign in the Ashoka grove?

Answer: Mudrika (Ring)


24. During the exile, who offered Lord Rama fruits with hidden enmity in the forest?

Answer: Sabari


25. Who composed the Ramcharitmanas?

Answer: Tulsidas


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26. Before the war, where did Lord Shri Ram establish the Shivalinga?

Answer: Rameshwaram


27. In which state is the present-day Valmiki National Park located?

Answer: Bihar


28. What was the name of the divine weapon of Lord Indra, the king of the gods?

Answer: Vajra


29. By what other name is Hanuman Ji known?

Answer: Pavan Putra (Son of the Wind)


30. What was the name of Sugriva's father, the brother of Vali?

Answer: Surya Dev (Sun God)


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