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🕰️ Welcome to our time riddles adventure! ⏳ Are you ready to solve some fun puzzles about time? In this post, we're going to share a bunch of time riddles with you. These are similar to small puzzles that make your brain work.. Get ready to have some fun and challenge your brain. So, are you excited to jump into the world of time riddles? Let's do it! 🎩✨


1. Riddle: I can be measured, wasted, or even killed, but never truly controlled. What am I?

Answer: Time.


2. Riddle: I am always in front of you but can never be seen?

Answer: The future.


3. Riddle: I visit you every day but change my face every time.
I’m the reason for work and rest, yet I never tire.
What am I?

Answer: The Day and Night.


4. Riddle: I have no numbers but dictate your day,
I make you rush, rest, work, and play.
I’m not a clock, but I change with your way.
What am I?

Answer: Routine.


5. Riddle: What’s the difference between yesterday and tomorrow?

Answer: Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a mystery


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6. Riddle: What travels faster, space or time?

Answer: Time travels faster than space


7. Riddle: What never rests, but always reaches its destination?

Answer: The End of Time.


8. Riddle: I'm not alive, but I tell you what to do each day,
I help you know when it's time to work and when to play.
What am I?

Answer: Schedule.


9. Riddle: What comes in a flash, but lasts a lifetime?

Answer: A moment.


10. Riddle: I'm always moving but never walk, shaping your life with my talk. I'm not a river, but I flow your way. What am I?

Answer: Time.


11. Riddle:I'm not a clock, but I help you know what's next,
I keep things in order and help you avoid a mess.
What am I?

Answer: Routine.


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12. Riddle:I have hands but do not wave,
A face but no expression.
I keep moving forward without legs.
What am I?

Answer: A Clock.


13. Riddle: I am vast and endless, a collection of all you know,
I expand and stretch, in me, all things grow.
I am everything and nothing, the ultimate show.
What am I?

Answer: The Universe.


14. Riddle: I flow without water, through mountain and vale,
I touch every life, every scale.
I’m not seen or heard, yet my journey’s epic tale.

Answer: Time.


15. Riddle: I craft mountains and carve rivers, no hand do I lift,
A sculptor by nature, through ages I drift.
I am slow but mighty, with me, continents shift.
What am I?

Answer: Geological Time.



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16. Riddle: I am the bridge between the past and future. What am I?

Answer: Present.


17. Riddle: I'm the beginning of eternity and the end of time and space?

Answer: The letter 'E'.


18. Riddle: I'm what you check to know when to wake up or go to bed?

Answer: The time.


19. Riddle: I'm small and fast, and make a sound that doesn't last. What am I?

Answer: A second (referring to the ticking sound of a clock).


20. Riddle: I am a measure of time, consisting of sixty seconds?

Answer: A minute.


21. Riddle: What's always coming but never arrives?

Answer: Tomorrow.


22. Riddle: I come once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years. What am I?

 Answer: The letter 'm'.




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