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"Welcome to our daily dose of brain teasers! Get ready to kickstart your day with a brain workout. In today's blog post, we bring you a set of logic riddles that will challenge your thinking and keep you entertained. Sharpen your mind, have some fun, and let's explore the intriguing world of daily logic riddles together. Ready for the challenge?"


1. Beauty with brain, is an extremely rare combination! Fortunately, Lily has both! She is not only a top model, but she is also extremely intelligent!

One day, a boy went to propose to her. When the boy approaches her, she tells him, to answer her question first, and asks him,“which planet was discovered first?”


 Can you guess which planet was first discovered?



Answer:“Earth!”, says the boy. The first discovered planet will be the one where you were born.”

The boy stands there, embarrassed!

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2. It was a beautiful, windy day! People went out for boating, because it was also a public holiday. There were 5 people in a boat. They were having a good time, singing songs and having fun. Suddenly, strong winds begin to blow. The boat breaks down, due to a blind storm!. They all somehow, managed to reach an island. On the island, there is nothing to eat or drink. They had a rough day and now there’s nothing around to eat. Suddenly, everyone notices a banana tree! However, there are only three bananas on the tree! How will 5 people eat 3 bananas in equal portions?


Answer: They will cut each banana into five pieces. Three bananas will be cut into 15 pieces. As a result, 5 people will eat 3-3 pieces. So, it was simple, wasn't it? Let's move on to the next puzzle.




3. Jason was a very good boy, except that he had this bad habit of always biting his hand in his mouth. His mother Martha used to scold him for this. Fed up of this habit, he called Detective Mehul for help. What do you think Mehul suggested her?



Answer: Detective Mehul suggested Martha to make Jason wear loose under wears. He will always be busy fixing it, he wouldn’t have time to keep his hands in his mouth!





4. Harry takes two bottles that look the same!  He fills one bottle with regular water and the other with hot water and puts both bottles in the fridge! Jerry thinks that the regular water will cool down faster because the hot water needs to cool down first and then it fridge further!


Answer: The hot water will cool down first because hot water has a lower density!  This phenomenon is known as the Mpemba effect! 



5. One day, Mehul's car breaks down! He needs to get to Don Bosco School right away. As a result, he decided to take a ride from someone. Two boys arrive there. "I have to go to Don Bosco school," they both say, "Yes, we are going there only," Mehul checks their identification cards. He checks person A's ID card. Then he checks Person B's ID card. They were both Don Bosco students. Now, who do you think Mehul should get a lift from? Person A or Person B?


Answer. He should get a ride from person A. Look at person B's birth year: 2010. He is 13 years old. This means he is not legally allowed to drive a car





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