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🕰️ Welcome to a world where time becomes a puzzle! ⏰ Get ready to tickle your brain and test your timekeeping skills with our collection of clock riddles. 🧩 From digital to analog, these riddles will challenge you to think creatively and solve the mystery of time. Join us on a journey through the world of clocks, where every tick and tock brings a new challenge. So, are you ready to dive into the world of clock riddles? Let's begin the adventure! 🎩✨


1. Riddle: I receive instructions every night, and in the morning, I carry out all those directions.
But I still come under your criticism. Who am I?

Answer: A clock alarm.


2. Riddle: Back and forth, I swing and sing,
In clocks old, I’m the king.
Who am I, with a constant ring?

Answer: Pendulum.


3. Riddle: What shows the time in large digits?

Answer: Large digital clock.


4. Riddle: I have a screen but no hands. What am I?

Answer: A digital clock.


5. Riddle: What element of a clock hasn’t ever aged?

Answer: The second hand.


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6. Riddle: I sit in pockets, quite antique,
Moving hands, but I don’t speak.
I’m not new, but rather old,
What am I, with tales untold?

Answer: A pocket watch.


7. Riddle: Can you make 10 plus 4 = 2? 

Answer: Yes. 10 o’clock + 4 hours = 2 o’clock.


8. Riddle: What can you wear on your wrist to keep track of time?

Answer: A wristwatch.


9. Riddle: What device do you use in a race to display the elapsed time?

Answer: A race clock or stopwatch.


10. Riddle: What is always moving forward, but never takes a step?

Answer: Time (measured by a clock).


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11. Riddle: I have hands but can't clap,
Ticking quietly in your lap.
Passed through family, very old,
What am I, with stories untold?

Answer: A grandpa clock.


12. Riddle: I'm sleek and modern, with a futuristic glow,
On your phone screen, wherever you go.
With digits flashing, I keep you in check,
What am I, a digital tech?

Answer: A phone clock.


13. Riddle: I am round and found in classrooms. What am I?

Answer: A classroom clock.


14. Riddle: I am ancient and intricate, with gears and weights to tell the time. What am I?

Answer: An antique clock.


15. Riddle: What occurs when a clock wants food?

Answer: It comes back after four seconds!


16. Riddle:When the clock hits 13, what time could it be?

Answer: It’s time to fix the clock.


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17. Riddle:How would a clock’s time resemble a train’s sound?

Answer: When the tally is 2:1.


18. Riddle:You really cannot tell the time without me since I invented the first clock in America. I, who?

Answer: Banneker, Benjamin


19. Riddle: I have hands but cannot hold, and I have a face but cannot smile. What am I?

Answer: A clock.


20. Riddle: I'm round and colorful, with a cheerful tune,
Hanging on the wall, I brighten the room. What am I?

Answer: A musical wall clock.


21. Riddle: I go round and round but never leave my place. What am I?

Answer: The hands of a clock.


22. Riddle: I have twelve siblings, all in a line. We move without walking, and tell the time.

Answer: The numbers on a clock face.


23. Riddle: I go in hard, come out soft, and I never mind if you want to turn me off. What am I?

Answer: An alarm clock.


24. Riddle: I have three hands, but I'm not a person.

Answer:  A clock with a second hand.



25. Riddle: A face but no eyes, I tick and I tock, Who am I, can you surmise? 

Answer: A clock.


26. Riddle: What’s the difference between love and marriage? 

 Answer: Love is one long sweet dream, and marriage is the alarm clock.


27. Riddle: Why did the pilot sit on her alarm clock? 

Answer: She wanted to be on time.




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