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­čÉż Here are 20+ "Who Am I?" animal riddles to ignite your imagination and challenge your IQ! Get ready to explore the vast and diverse world of animals through these engaging and entertaining riddles. From the mighty lion to the graceful dolphin, each riddle will provide a clue about a different creature, and it's up to you to guess who they are! So, gather your friends and family, and let's embark on this exciting journey of discovery and laughter together. 

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1. I am a fast runner but cannot climb the tree. Who am I?

Answer: Cheetah


2. I look like humans, except I have a tail
I climb trees very well and love mimicking humans
I feed on fruits, insects, and flowers
Bananas are my favourite
What am I?

Answer: Monkey


3. I am a bird known for my beautiful singing. Who am I?

Answer: Nightingale


4. I have a long neck and I'm known for eating leaves from tall trees. Who am I?

Answer: Giraffe.


5. I can honk without using a horn.
What am I?

Answer: Goose


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6. I'm known for my hopping and I carry my babies in a pouch. Who am I?

Answer: Kangaroo.


7. I'm black and white and love to eat bamboo. Who am I?

Answer: Panda.


8. I have a bushy tail and I love to climb trees. Who am I?

Answer: Squirrel


9.  I have a mane and I'm known as the king of the jungle. Who am I?

Answer: Lion


10. I have a colorful beak and I can mimic human speech. Who am I?

Answer: Parrot


11. I'm small and I have a shell on my back. Who am I?

Answer: A turtle.


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12. I have a long, slender body and I can move without legs. Who am I?

Answer: A snake.


13. I have wings but cannot fly. Who am I?

Answer: Penguin


14. I am a large bird that cannot fly and is known for my long legs. Who am I?

Answer: Ostrich


15. I'm known for my stripes and I'm the largest cat in the world. Who am I?

Answer: Tiger


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16. I am covered in fur and have a long, bushy tail. Who am I?

Answer: Fox


17. I am large, with a mane and tail, and am known for my speed. Who am I?

Answer: Horse


18.  I'm black and white and live in the Arctic. Who am I?

Answer: Polar bear


19. I have a shell and I'm slow. Who am I?

Answer: Garden snail.


20.  I'm small and have wings, and I buzz around flowers. Who am I?

Answer: Bee


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