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Here are 20+ animal riddles with answers to spark your curiosity and test your wit! 🐾 These riddles are a fantastic way to challenge your brain while having loads of fun with friends and family. Can you guess who or what each riddle is describing? Let's dive into the fascinating world of animals and see if you can crack these entertaining puzzles! 

animal riddles with answers

1. I hop and have a pouch for my baby, What am I?

Answer: Kangaroo


2. I am a small insect that makes honey, What am I?

Answer: Bee


3. I have black and white stripes and look like a horse, What am I?

Answer: Zebra


4. I am a big cat with a mane that lives in Africa, What am I?

Answer: Lion


5. I am a bird known for my beautiful singing, What am I?

Answer: Nightingale


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6. I have eight legs and build webs to catch my food, What am I?

Answer: Spider


7. I'm the largest animal in the world, What am I?

Answer: Blue Whale


8. I have a hump on my back and can go for days without water, What am I?

Answer: Camel


9. I have a shell and retractable head and limbs, What am I?

Answer: Tortoise


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10. I have long ears and can hop around, What am I?

Answer: Rabbit


11. I'm a bird that can't fly but can swim underwater, What am I?

Answer: Penguin


12. I'm a small, furry creature that likes to sleep during the day, What am I?

Answer: Bat


13. I have a thick, woolly coat and I am raised for my meat and wool, What am I?

Answer: Sheep


14. I have a big, bushy tail and I'm famous for my howl, What am I?

Answer: Wolf


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15. I have scales and a long, flickering tongue. I like to slither around and shed my skin, What am I?

Answer: Snake


16. I have webbed feet and I quack, What am I?

Answer: Duck


17. I have big antlers and I'm known for my majestic appearance, What am I?

Answer: Deer


18. I'm a large bird of prey, I have a hooked beak. I'm a symbol of freedom, What am I?

Answer: Eagle


19. I'm a big cat, I have spots and rosettes. I'm a great climber, What am I?

Answer: Leopard


20. I have a colorful beak and I can fly backwards, What am I?

Answer: Hummingbird 


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