Brain Teaser: Identify the Odd One Out! Can You Find the Hidden "Different 5"?

Brain Teaser: Sharpen Your Focus and Test Your Observation Skills! Can You Spot the Hidden "Different 5" Amongst the Others?

find number 5 in group of 2

Brain teasers are captivating puzzles or riddles crafted to challenge your problem-solving abilities and cognitive skills.

They vary widely, from logic puzzles to playful word riddles, offering an entertaining way to exercise your mind.

These puzzles are not just for adults! There are numerous brain teasers designed for children that foster essential cognitive development while being enjoyable.

They also make for excellent social activities, encouraging friendly competition among friends and family to solve the puzzle first.

Brain teasers abound in books, magazines, online platforms, and apps, providing ample opportunities to engage and entertain.


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Have you encountered brain teasers that appear deceptively simple but challenge your focus and observation skills?

Today, we present a brain teaser that tests your visual acuity.

The "Find the Different Numbers" puzzle is a classic example.

In the puzzle below, your task is to locate the number '5' hidden among a series of number '2's.

This brain teaser may seem straightforward, but the catch is that you have only 7 seconds to find the '5'.

Are you up for the challenge?

Start your timers and begin the hunt to spot the unique number. Best of luck!


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Brainteaser: Spot the Different Number in 7 Seconds


Imagecredit: Jagranjosh

How's your search for the hidden number going?

Did you spot the different number right away, or are you still focusing?

Initially, you might see a series of numbers and be tasked with finding the standout "5".

There could be a time limit to add some pressure! But here's the twist: the "different 5" might not be about its numerical value but rather how it's presented.

Consider these possibilities:

  • Font or Style: The "different 5" might be in a different font, bold, italicized, or even upside down compared to the others.
  • Color: It could stand out by being a different color from the rest of the numbers.
  • Size: Perhaps the "different 5" is larger or smaller than the other numbers.

Were you able to decipher the answer?

Hurry up! The 7 seconds are almost up.

3... 2... and 1...

Oh no! Time's up.


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Did you find the hidden different number?

Congratulations if you did! Your visual skills have proven quite sharp.

If you didn't crack it, don't worry! You can still try to solve it at your own pace.

Here's the solution to this mind-boggling brainteaser.

Find the Number- Solution

find number 5 in group of 2 answer img

Didn't you find this brainteaser intriguing? Keep honing your skills with these puzzles, and you'll soon become a master of challenges like these.

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