20+ Car Riddles To Test Your Car Knowledge | MindYourLogic Riddles

Here are 20+ car riddles for you to enjoy! Cars are fascinating machines that take us from one place to another. These riddles will test your knowledge and creativity while exploring different aspects of cars. Let's jump into the world of car riddles and see if you can solve them all!

car riddles to test your car knowledge

1. I am the pedal you press to increase the car's speed. What am I?

Answer: Accelerator.


2. I am the part of the car that keeps the engine cool. What am I?

Answer: Radiator.


3. I am the device that shows you how fast you're going. What am I?

Answer: Speedometer.


4. If you ever want one of these, then a license you must get, this transport’s spelled with three letters, but it isn’t called a jet. What am I?

Answer: A car.


5. I shout without a mouth, alerting those when in doubt. What am I?

Answer: Horn


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6. I speak without a mouth, direct without hands,
I guide you by night but hide by day.
In every journey, I lead the way.
What am I?

Answer: A car’s GPS.


7. I shine when it's dark, rest when it's light,
Cutting through darkness, a guiding sight.
What am I?

Answer: Car headlights


8. I help you find your destination, what am I?

Answer: GPS navigation system.


9. I'm a protective cover for your vehicle, shielding it from the elements. What am I?

Answer: Car cover.


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10. I'm a system that cools the air inside your car on hot days. What am I?

Answer: Air conditioning.


11. I'm a place for your cup, whether filled with coffee or tea, I keep it steady while you're driving free. What am I?

Answer: A cup holder in a car.


12. I light up the road ahead of your car. What am I?

Answer: Headlights.


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13. I'm cleaned and detailed with care so fine, with polish and wax to make me shine. What am I?

Answer: A car's exterior.


14. I don’t play music, but I keep the beat,
With every roll, I tap the street.
What am I?

Answer: Car tires.


15. I’m not a blanket, yet I give you heat,
In the coldest months, I offer a seat.
What am I?

Answer: Car heater.


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