40+ Children Riddles to Solve and Smile | MindYourLogic Riddles

Here are 40+ children riddles just for kids! Get ready to giggle and guess as we explore fun and silly questions together. From animals to everyday objects, these riddles are sure to make you smile. Let's dive in and see how many you can solve! 🎉

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1.  I come out at night without being called, and I'm gone in the morning without being stolen. What am I?

Answer: The stars.


2. I have four legs and a wagging tail, I love to bark and chase my tail. What am I?

Answer: A dog.


3. I'm a ball that doesn't bounce, but I shine and give light. What am I?

Answer: The sun.


4. I'm small and have eight legs, I spin a web to catch flies. What am I?

Answer: A spider.


5.  I'm made of rubber and can bounce very high, children love to play with me. What am I?

Answer: A ball.


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6. I'm soft and cuddly, with a button nose. I often come with a bow and I’m a child's best friend. What am I?

Answer: A teddy bear.


7. I’m a vehicle with two wheels, you pedal to move me forward. What am I?

Answer: A bicycle.


8. I fly without wings and have a tail. What am I?

Answer: A kite.


9. I'm not alive, but I can grow. I don't have lungs, but I need air. What am I?

Answer: Balloon.


10. I'm full of toys but have no batteries. What am I?

Answer: Toy box.


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11. I'm a small house made of cardboard or plastic where kids can play. What am I?

Answer: Playhouse.


12. I'm a toy with strings that you can make dance and jump. What am I?

Answer: Puppet.


13. I'm a vehicle that travels on tracks and carries passengers. What am I? 

Answer: Train.


14. I'm white and cold, and kids love to build me in winter. What am I? 

Answer: A snowman.


15. I'm a type of food made from dough and cheese. What am I?

Answer: Pizza.


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16. I'm a game where you try to find hidden objects using clues. What am I? 

Answer: Hide and seek.


17. I'm a vehicle that carries children to school, with big yellow doors and flashing lights. What am I? 

Answer: A school bus.


18. I'm a delicious treat on a stick, often covered in chocolate or caramel. What am I? 

Answer: A lollipop.


19. I'm a magical creature with a horn on my forehead and a long, flowing mane. What am I?

Answer: A unicorn.


20. I'm a place where you can see lots of animals from around the world. What am I?

Answer: A zoo.




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