40+ Clothing Riddles To Test Your Fashion IQ | MindYourLogic Riddles

Here are 40+ clothing riddles for you! Test your knowledge of different types of clothes and see how many you can guess correctly. From shoes to hats and everything in between, these riddles are sure to keep you entertained. Let's dive in and see if you can unravel these clothing mysteries!

clothing riddles to test your fashion iq
1. This garment is often worn during sleep to keep warm and comfortable.

Answer: Pajamas


2. This type of clothing is worn by women and typically covers the lower body from waist to knees or ankles.

Answer: Skirt


3. This is a lightweight garment worn over clothes to protect from rain.

Answer: Raincoat


4. This is a type of clothing worn around the waist to hold up pants or skirts.

Answer: Belt


5. This is a type of clothing worn around the torso and upper body, often with short sleeves.

Answer: T-shirt


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6. This is a type of garment worn on the legs, usually tight-fitting and worn under other clothing.

Answer: Leggings


7. These are worn on the legs and are often made of denim.

Answer: Jeans


8. This garment is worn on the lower body and typically has pockets.

Answer: Trousers


9. This is a piece of clothing worn by women that covers the upper body.

Answer: Blouse


10. This is a type of garment worn by women under skirts or dresses.

Answer: Petticoat


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11. It's a piece of clothing worn over other clothes to keep clean while cooking or working.

Answer: Apron


12. This is a piece of clothing worn around the neck, often as part of a uniform or for fashion.

Answer: Tie


13. This is a warm, knitted garment for the upper body, often with a hood and pockets.

Answer: Hoodie


14. It's a piece of clothing worn around the neck, usually for warmth or style.

Answer: Scarf


15. This is a garment worn by women, usually covering the entire body and worn with a headscarf.

Answer: Abaya


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16. It's a type of jacket that is shorter in length and typically made of leather.

Answer: Leather jacket


17. It's a piece of clothing worn on the hands and fingers for warmth or protection.

Answer: Gloves


18. A piece of clothing worn on the feet, often made of cotton or wool.

Answer: Socks


19. It's a long, flowing garment traditionally worn in South Asia, often brightly colored and draped elegantly. What is it?

Answer: Sari


20. It's a type of sock that reaches up to the knee or above. What is it?

Answer: Stockings


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