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Here are more than 40+ cricket riddles to enjoy and challenge yourself! Cricket is a popular sport with its own special terms and actions. These riddles cover everything from players and positions to rules and scoring. See how many you can solve and have fun exploring the world of cricket!

cricket riddles to test your knowledge

1. I am a cricket equipment used to hit the ball. What am I?

Answer: Cricket bat


2. What is the term for six consecutive balls bowled by a bowler?

Answer: Over


3. I am the person who leads the cricket team. Who am I?

Answer: Captain


4. What is the term for when a bowler gets three wickets with three consecutive balls?

Answer: Hat-trick


5. What is it called when a bowler delivers a ball that is not allowed by the rules?

Answer: No ball


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6. What is it called when a fielder throws the ball to the stumps to dismiss a batsman?

Answer: Run-out


7. What do you call a delivery that hits the batsman's pads and the umpire decides it would have hit the stumps?

Answer: LBW (Leg Before Wicket)


8. What do you call it when a bowler bowls a delivery that is outside the batsman's reach?

Answer: Wide ball


9. What do you call it when a batsman is not ready for the bowler to deliver the ball?

Answer: Dead ball


10. I am the boundary where the ball must pass to score four runs. What am I?

Answer: The boundary rope



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11. What is the term for a short form of cricket with 20 overs per side?

Answer: T20


12. I am the field position to stop the ball from reaching the boundary. What am I?

Answer: Fielder.


13. I am a delivery that spins sharply after bouncing. What am I?

Answer: Spin bowling


14. What do you call the action of a fielder catching a ball before it hits the ground?

Answer: Catch.


15. I am the piece of equipment used by the wicketkeeper to catch the ball. What am I?

Answer: Gloves


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16. What is the maximum number of players a cricket team can have on the field at any one time?

Answer: 11 players


17. What do you call the act of a batsman scoring 100 runs in an innings?

Answer: Century


18. What do you call it when a batsman scores 50 runs in an innings?

Answer: Half-century


19. I’m a hard leather ball with a raised seam. Bowlers try to knock my bails off. What am I? 

Answer: A cricket ball


20. I patrol the area to save runs and catch the ball after it passes the batsman. Who am I?

 Answer: A fielder


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