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Here are 50+ funny riddles that are a silly and playful way to make you giggle with your friends.  The cool thing about dirty riddles is that they sound a little bit naughty, but their answers are actually quite innocent, so they're perfect for having a good time without getting into trouble. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or having a family game night, dirty riddles can bring lots of laughs. So, get ready to have some fun and challenge your brain with these hilarious dirty riddles!

dirty riddles for fun and laughter
1.  I go in hard but come out soft, and I never mind if you want to blow me. What am I?

Answer:  Chewing Gum


2. What’s six inches long, goes in your mouth, and is more fun when it vibrates.

Answer:  An electric toothbrush 


3. When I Go in, I can cause some pain. I’ll fill your holes when you ask me to. I also ask you to spit and not swallow. What am I?

Answer:  A dentist 


4. What does every woman have that starts with ‘V’ and that she can use to get whatever she wants?

Answer:  Voice


5. A cow has four of them but a woman has just two. What is it?

Answer:  Legs


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6. Every man has one. Some are big, some are small. It feels great when you blow it, but it drips if you aren’t careful. What is it?

Answer:  A Nose


7. What’s most useful when it’s long and hard?

Answer:  An education.


8. I am always hard when dry but smooth and soft when wet. What am I?

Answer:  Sponge. 


9. I work with briefs and I’m amazing when using my mouth. What am I?

Answer: A Lawyer


10. I come from nuts, can be very sticky, and tastes amazing in your mouth. What am I?

Answer:. Peanut Butter


11. What is the thing you set on vibration when you want some time alone?

Answer:  A phone


12. What is the thing that is worn for protection, use your hands to get it off, and you can find it hard to feel properly when this is being worn?

Answer:  Gloves


13. What’s long and hard when it’s young and soft and small when it’s old?

Answer:  Candle 


14.What’s a 5 letter word that starts with a “P” and women absolutely love to get their hands on it?

Answer: Purse


15. What is the thing that starts with an “F” and ends in “C-K” and when things get really hot, it is exactly what you want?

Answer: Firetruck


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16. People love being inside me, and my shaft goes up and down every day. What am I?

Answer:  An elevator.


17. What are the two most important holes in a woman?

Answer:. Nostrils 


18. What three-letter word starts with an “s,” and ends with an “x”?

Answer:  Six


19. I’m short afterward, but long before being used. I’m always light, and I end in “ICK” What am I?

Answer: Wick


20. I come with a great pair and people love to eat me. What am I?

Answer:. A lobster.


21. What’s a four-letter word that ends in “k” and means the same as intercourse?

Answer: Talk.


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22. What’s filled with loads of white stuff and starts with a “P”?

Answer: A pillow


23. What’s hard and hairy on the outside but soft and wet on the inside?

Answer: A coconut


24. I’m hard when you put me in, but when you pull me out, I’m wet and dripping. What am I?

Answer: A tea bag


25. What do men keep in their pants that their partners sometimes blow?

Answer: Money


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26. What does a man have in his pants that you won't find in a girl’s dress?

Answer: Pockets.


27. What is super hard and goes into a tiny hole?

Answer: A key.


28. What’s beautiful and natural but gets long and prickly if it isn’t trimmed regularly?

Answer: Grass.


29. I go in hard, come out soft,
And am never the same after a hot trough.
What am I?

Answer: Noodle.


30. I’m the highlight of many dates. I’m especially responsive when you put your fingers deep inside me. What am I?

Answer: A bowling ball.


31.   I grow in a bed, first white then red, and the plumper I get, the better women like me. What am I?

Answer:  A strawberry


32. What’s long, pink, and makes women scream?

Answer: A Bridesmaid Dress


33. What has a hole in the middle and satisfies both men and women?

Answer: A donut


34.  What is the difference between a woman’s G-spot and a quarter?

Answer: Men actually have a chance of finding a quarter when they search for it


35. I drip when you take me in your mouth. What am I?

Answer: Ice-cream



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