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Here are 40+ Disney riddles for you to enjoy! These riddles feature beloved Disney characters and movies, making them perfect for fans of all ages. So, if you're ready for some magical brain teasers, let's dive into the world of Disney and see if you can solve these enchanting mysteries!


1.  I'm a little mermaid who dreams of walking on land. Who am I?

Answer: Ariel 


2. I'm a lion king who learns the true meaning of bravery. Who am I?

Answer: Simba 


3. I'm a funny snowman who loves warm hugs. Who am I?

Answer: Olaf 


4. I'm a talking teapot who helps Belle find love. Who am I?

Answer: Mrs. Potts


5. I'm a rabbit with a clock who's always running late. Who am I?

Answer: The White Rabbit 


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6. I'm a sassy fairy godmother who helps Cinderella get to the ball. Who am I?

Answer: Fairy Godmother


7. I'm a magical snow queen who creates an eternal winter. Who am I?

Answer: Elsa


8. I'm a mischievous fairy who tinkers with magic. Who am I?

Answer: Tinker Bell 


9. I am a small but mighty fish who dreams of becoming a big shark. Who am I?

Answer: Nemo 


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10.  A pirate’s life was thrust upon me, a cursed gold caused great dismay. My name is the same as a bird of prey. Who am I?

Answer: Captain Jack Sparrow


11. I am a princess with magical golden hair trapped in a tower. Who am I?

Answer: Rapunzel 


12. I am a princess who kisses a frog and finds her prince. Who am I?

Answer: Tiana 


13. I'm a wise-cracking genie who grants three wishes. Who am I?

Answer: Genie 


14. I'm a fairy who protects the magical creatures of Pixie Hollow. Who am I?

Answer: Tinker Bell 


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15. I'm a charming prince who searches for true love with a glass slipper. Who am I?

Answer: Prince Charming 


16. I'm a talking mouse who goes on daring adventures with a sword. Who am I?

Answer: Gus Gus 


17. I'm a girl who discovers a whole new world on a magic carpet ride. Who am I?

Answer: Jasmine 


18. I'm a feisty princess who sets off on an adventure to find her sister. Who am I?

Answer: Anna


19. I'm a villainous queen who is obsessed with her own beauty. Who am I?

Answer: The Evil Queen


20.  A daughter of a chief, no crown do I wear. The ocean calls, and with a demigod, I fare. Who am I?

Answer. Moana.


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21. My nose grows when I’m less than truthful, but my dreams are certainly hopeful. Who am I?

Answer: Pinocchio.


22.  I speak not a word, yet my actions are loud. A puppet to a man, but through bravery, I was proud. Who am I?

Answer: Dumbo.


23. I live in the Hundred Acre Wood and love honey. Who am I?

Answer: Winnie the Pooh


24. I can fly with the help of pixie dust and my fairy friend Tinker Bell. Who am I?

Answer: Peter Pan


25. I am a young girl who falls down a rabbit hole into a strange world. Who am I?

Answer: Alice



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