40+ Diwali Riddles To Light Up Your Celebration | MindYourLogic Riddles

Here are 40+ delightful Diwali riddles for you to enjoy! These simple yet entertaining puzzles capture the essence of the Festival of Lights, perfect for sharing with family and friends during this festive season. Have fun solving them and spreading the joy of Diwali!

diwali riddles to light up your celebration
1. What festival celebrates the victory of light over darkness?

Answer: Diwali


2. Which deity is worshipped during Diwali for prosperity and wealth?

Answer: Goddess Lakshmi


3. What are drawn at the entrances of homes during Diwali as a welcome symbol?

Answer: Rangoli


4. Which epic story is celebrated during Diwali?

Answer: Ramayana


5. What sweet dish is a favorite during Diwali, made from condensed milk and sugar?

Answer: Barfi


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6. Which flower is commonly used for decoration during Diwali?

Answer: Marigold


7. What ritual is performed to seek blessings for prosperity during Diwali?

Answer: Laxmi Puja


8. Which deity's return to Ayodhya is celebrated with lights during Diwali?

Answer: Lord Rama


9. What signifies the beginning of Diwali celebrations?

Answer: Dhanteras


10. What do people clean and decorate their homes with during Diwali?

Answer: Lights and flowers


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11. What food item symbolizes prosperity and is offered to guests during Diwali?

Answer: Dry fruits


12. What game is played to celebrate Diwali?

Answer: Tambola


13. Which deity's blessings are sought for wisdom and learning during Diwali?

Answer: Goddess Saraswati


14. What is the name of the festival celebrated on the day after Diwali, honoring the bond between siblings?

Answer: Bhai Dooj


15. It is a decorative item made from flowers, leaves, and sometimes lights, hung at the entrance during Diwali.

Answer: Toran


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16. What traditional attire, often worn during Diwali, is known for its vibrant colors and intricate designs?

Answer: Sari


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