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Here are 50+ double meaning riddles that will make you think and laugh at the same time! These riddles play with words and have clever, funny, and sometimes naughty twists. They are perfect for a fun gathering with friends or family. Enjoy the challenge of figuring out the hidden meanings behind each riddle and have a great time!

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1. What is it that boys get tired after some time but girls say and do and do?

 Answer: Shopping


2. What is such a thing that both the boy and the girl have, but the boy walks in hiding and the girl walks by showing?

 Answer: purse


3. What happens in girls who come out very early?

Answer: Tears 


4. What do most girls like to be fat and tall?

Answer: Hair


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5.What is one thing about a girl that is always wet?

 Answer: Tongue or mouth


6. What is the work that a virgin girl cannot do?

Answer: Sindoor cannot wear mangalsutra and cannot divorce.


7. Whether the husband is small or big, the wife has to take it after marriage?

 Answer: Surname 


8. What’s a four-letter word that ends in “k” and means the same as intercourse?

 Answer: Talk


9. What’s white, sticky, and better to spit than to swallow?

 Answer: Toothpaste


10. What is soft and wet on the inside while hard and hairy on the outside?

 Answer: Coconut


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11. What’s in a man’s pants that you just won’t find in a girl’s pants?

 Answer: Pockets.


12. I’m usually six inches long, roughly two inches wide, and everyone loves having me in their pants?

Answer:  A $100 bill


13. Sometimes a finger goes inside me. You fiddle with me when you’re bored. The best man always has me first. What am I?

Answer: Your wedding band.


14. What’s the difference between amazing sex and this joke?

Answer: You actually get the joke.


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15. I prevent any “little mistakes,” and I’m made of rubber. What am I?

Answer: Erasers


16. I come with a great pair, and people love to eat me. What am I?

Answer: A lobster


17. Where do girls have the thickest hair?

Answer: On Head


18. Shaped like a stick, I am long and hard. I also have a head and a shaft. What am I?

Answer: Cane


19. What’s always hard, but never gets soft?

Answer:  A decision


20. Name a word that starts with “f” and ends with “u-c-k”?

Answer: Firetruck!


21. What are girls eligible to give after 18 years?

Answer: Vote


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22. What is a big and long that women like very much?

Answer: Her hairs and ponitail.


23. When does a girl undress according to her own wish?

Answer: While bathing.


24. What does a woman take from behind?

Answer: Pallu on the head.


25. On what does a girl sit on a boy?

Answer: On Bike


26. What thing is it that men like to take more at night and women also like to take at night?

Answer: Sleep


27. Rubbed and spitted on, then inserted with force.

Answer: Thread in a needle.


28. On the wedding night, what does a girl give her husband first?

Answer: Milk


29. What are the two round things on girls that people like to see very much?

Answer: Cheeks


30. What thing do girls have but others use?

Answer: Her name


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