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🐘 Welcome to our elephant riddle adventure! Are you ready for some fun with elephant riddles? 🌟 We've got over 20 elephant-riddles to solve together! 🐘 Get ready to giggle and think as we explore these gentle giants and their amazing world! 🌿 Let's dive in and see if you can solve them all! 🎉🐘


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1. What’s as large as an elephant but weighs nothing at all?

Answer: An elephant’s shadow.


2. I have big ears that I flap to keep cool. My trunk helps me grab food and drink water. What animal could I be?

Answer: An elephant.


3. What's gray and has a trunk?

Answer: An elephant!


4. What do you call an elephant that never showers?

Answer: A smelly-phant!


5. What do you get when you cross a fish with an elephant?

Answer: Swimming trunks!


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6. What’s an elephant’s favorite part of a tree?

Answer: The trunk!


7. What did the elephant say to his girlfriend?

Answer: I love you a ton!


8. What do you call an elephant that hates taking baths?

Answer: A smellyphant!


9. Why do elephants need so much water?

Answer: To cope with heat.


10. What is an elephant's favorite food?

Answer: Grass and bamboo 


11. What do elephants fear the most?

Answer: A tiny insect 


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12. Who can beat elephant?

Answer: A group of lionesses


13. Why do elephants get angry?

Answer: When sick, injured or harassed


14. What is the most famous elephant name?

Answer: Jumbo


15. Who is the king of elephant?

Answer: Babar


16. Who is the killer elephant in Kerala?

Answer: Belur Makhna


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17. Who is the most famous elephant in India?

Answer: Thechikottukavu Ramachandran


18. How many elephants are lost per day?

Answer: 100 African elephants are killed each day


19. Which elephant has big teeth?

Answer: Male Asian elephants


20. Which gods pet is elephant?

Answer: Ganesha 


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