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Here are 30+ riddles about farm animals! Get ready to test your brain with these simple and enjoyable puzzles related to the animals you might find on a farm. See if you can guess the answers to these entertaining riddles about cows, chickens, pigs, and more!

1. I give you milk to drink and cheese to eat, I'm black and white and moo on my feet. Who am I?

Answer: Cow


2. I crow loudly at the break of day, waking everyone up in the barnyard. Who am I?

Answer: Rooster


3. I have long ears and love to hop, nibbling on carrots non-stop. Who am I?

Answer: Rabbit


4. I cluck and peck and lay eggs too, I'm a bird that's useful to you. Who am I?

Answer: Hen


5. I'm a strong bird with a red wattle, on a farm, you hear my chortle. Who am I?

Answer: Turkey


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6. I have horns and climb the hills, giving milk and cheese with skills. Who am I?

Answer: Goat


7. I neigh and gallop with a mane so fine, pulling the plow or a cart in line. Who am I?

Answer: Horse


8. I’m big and grey, with a bray so loud. I carry loads, and I'm quite proud. Who am I?

Answer: Donkey


9. I have feathers and swim in the pond, quacking happily all day long. Who am I?

Answer: Duck


10. I have wool that's white and curly, and I say "baa" softly and surely. Who am I?

Answer: Sheep


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11. I move slowly with a shell on my back, eating leaves and grass as I follow the track. Who am I?

Answer: Tortoise


12. I give you eggs, white or brown, clucking happily all around. Who am I?

Answer: Chicken


13. I'm small and white, with a waddle so grand, laying eggs in the soft sand. Who am I?

Answer: Goose 


14. I'm small and furry, with a snout that twitches, digging up truffles in the ditches. Who am I?

Answer: Pig


15. I'm small and gray, with a twitching nose, keeping the barn free from foes. Who am I?

Answer: Rat


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16. I'm spotted or solid and follow my mother around. Who am I?

Answer: Calf


17. I squeal and am cute, the baby on the farm. What am I?

Answer: Piglet


18. I'm male, might charge if I'm angry, and I'm known for my strength. Who am I?

Answer: Bull


19. I'm the little one in the flock who goes baa. What am I?

Answer: Lamb


20. I keep the livestock safe and store the farmer's tools. What am I?

Answer: Barn


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