Find the difference Find the difference: Can you solve them?

Welcome to the "Find the Difference Find the Difference" challenge! Are you ready to test your observation skills with this fun and educational game? Here are 3 find the differences questions challenge for you. It's a great exercise for children to enhance their attention to detail. Can you find all the differences in just 15 seconds? Let's get started and see how sharp your eyes are! 

 find the differnce find the difference


1. Question: Can you Find 6 Differences in just 10 seonds? 

 find the difference fish im1


find the difference fish answers

  • Octopus's Smile: In the first image, the octopus has a smile on its face, whereas in the second image, the octopus does not have a smile. 

  • Gray Baby Fish: There is no gray baby fish next to the octopus in the first image, but in the second image, a gray baby fish is visible. 

  • Blue Fish Fins: The large blue fish has three fins visible in the first image, but only two fins in the second image. 

  • Gray Fish Fin Position: The fin of the gray fish on the right side is down in the first image, while it is up in the second image. 

  • Starfish: A starfish is present below the blue fish in the first image, but it is missing in the second image. 

  • Yellow Fish Print: The large yellow fish has a purple print in the first image, but in the second image, the print is blue. 


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2. Question:  Can you find 6 differences in just 6 seconds? 

 find the difference boy girl img 1

find the difference boy girl answer

  • Girl's Hair: In the first image, the girl's hair is open, whereas in the second image, her hair is tied back into two ponytails. 

  • Girl's Eyes: The girl's eyes are closed in the first image, but they are open in the second image. 

  • First Boy's Shirt: In the first image, neither of the two boys has anything on their shirts, but in the second image, the second boy has a pocket on his shirt with a pen inside. 

  • Second Boy's Sleeve: The left sleeve of the second boy's shirt is half-length in the first image, but it is full-length in the second image. 

  • Third Boy's Facial Expression: In the first image, the third boy does not have a smile on his face, but in the second image, he is smiling. 

  • Third Boy's Left Leg: The left leg of the third boy is straight in the first image, but in the second image, it is positioned backwards. 


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 Well done on taking up the "Find the Differences" challenge! Testing your observation skills with these three questions was both fun and educational. This exercise is perfect for children as it helps improve their attention to detail. Did you manage to find all the differences in just 15 seconds? Keep practicing to become even better at spotting the details that others might miss!



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