Find the five differences How Good Are Your Eyes? Take the Test!

Welcome to our fun 'Find the Five Differences' challenge! In this activity, you'll test your observation skills by carefully examining two similar images. Look closely to spot the five subtle differences between them. Get ready to sharpen your attention to detail and enjoy this engaging puzzle!

find five differences

1. Question: Can you Find 5 Differences in just 5 seconds?

find the differences boy girl


find the differences boy girl answers

1.  In the first image, the boy's right cheek is plain, but in the second image, he has brown marks on both cheeks.
2. In the first image, the boy's t-shirt has a mouse printed on it, while in the second image, his t-shirt is plain.
3. In the first image, the girl's tongue is sticking out, but in the second image, her tongue is inside her mouth.
4. In the first image, the cake is cut on one side, whereas in the second image, it is cut on both sides.
5. In the first image, the picture hanging on the wall shows a portrait, but in the second image, it shows a flower pot.


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