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Here, we've got a collection of 40+ lion riddles just for you! 🦁🎉 Get ready to embark on a wild adventure as we explore the world of lions through fun and easy riddles. These puzzles are like little mysteries waiting to be solved! 🔍 So, let's dive into the majestic world of lions and see if you can guess the answers to these roaring riddles! 

lion riddles challenge for you

1.  I'm the symbol of courage and strength, often depicted as the king of the jungle. What am I?

Answer: A lion.


2. I've got a tail that sways with grace,
Helps me balance in any race.
It's not just for looks, it's pretty cool,
In the life of a big cat, I rule."

Answer: Lion’s Tail.


3. I am the king of the jungle, with a roar that shakes the ground. What am I?

Answer: A lion.


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4. In the quiet night, I roam with care,
Watching over my pride, I'm always aware.
Together, we hunt in a tight space,
Who am I, leading the chase?

Answer: Lioness.


5. With eyes like twin suns so rare,
Gazing through the night’s air,
Who am I that watches thee,
From twilight till the morning be?

Answer: Lion’s Eyes.


6.  A golden mane that catches the breeze,
The sight of my stride will make you freeze.
My deep voice resounds, a mighty horn,
What am I, king of the morn?

Answer: Lion’s Roar.


7. With a mane that’s a fiery delight,
Under the sun’s scorching light,
I stalk my prey, make no blunder,
Who am I, the jungle’s wonder?

Answer: Male Lion.


8. I'm a symbol of strength, in the animal kingdom,
My presence commands respect, from every wisdom.
What am I?

Answer: Lion


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9. When I stretch out and open wide,
My mighty roar can’t be denied.
Though it might seem like a lazy stride,
What am I, ruler of the pride?

Answer: Lion’s Yawn.


10. We stick together wherever we roam,
The savannah is our happy home.
A family where everyone finds a dome,
What are we, that never stray alone?

Answer: Lion Pride.


11. With eyes so bright, 
I scan around, 
My family's safety, 
always profound. 
Watching, protecting, 
I never swerve, 
Who am I, with a loyalty curve?

Answer: Male Lion’s Mane.


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12. Who is called the Lord of jungle?

Answer:The lion


13. Who is a queen of jungle?



14. Why are lions called King of jungle?

Answer: Because the male lion exhibits a supreme attitude


15. With eyes like twin suns so rare,
Gazing through the night’s air,
Who am I that watches thee,
From twilight till the morning be?

Answer: Lion’s Eyes.


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