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🌟 Welcome to our physics riddles adventure! 🚀 Get ready to explore the fascinating world of science through fun and exciting puzzles! 🧠 We've got a bunch of 20+ physics  riddles that will challenge your mind and spark your curiosity. ⚛️ So, buckle up and let's dive into the world of physics with a smile! 😊 Let the riddles begin! 🌌

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1. Riddle: I am the force exerted by a gravitational field on a mass. What am I?

Answer: Weight.


2. Riddle: What is the energy possessed by an object due to its motion or position?

Answer: Kinetic energy or potential energy.


3. Riddle: I am a material that allows electric current to flow through easily. What am I?

Answer: Conductor.


4. Riddle: I am the measure of the amount of matter in an object. What am I?

Answer: Mass.


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5. Riddle: I am a form of energy that is associated with the motion of particles. What am I?

Answer: Kinetic energy


6. Riddle: What is the SI unit of power?

Answer: Watt (W).


7. Riddle: What is the measure of the force exerted on an object due to gravity?

Answer: Weight.


8. Riddle: I am the ability of a material to return to its original shape after being deformed. What am I?

Answer: Elasticity.


9. Riddle: What is the SI unit of resistance?

Answer: Ohm (Ω).


10. Riddle: I am the SI unit of electric current. What am I?

Answer: Ampere (A).


11. Riddle: What is the study of the properties and behavior of matter and energy?

Answer: Physics.


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12. Riddle: What is the term for the energy stored in the nucleus of an atom?

Answer: Nuclear energy.


13. Riddle: What phenomenon occurs when a wave changes direction as it passes from one medium to another?

Answer: Refraction.


14. Riddle: What is the measure of the rate of change of velocity of an object?

Answer: Acceleration.


15. Riddle: What type of energy is associated with the motion of atoms and molecules within a substance?

Answer: Thermal energy.


16. Riddle: I am a particle with no electric charge and a small mass. What am I?

Answer: Neutrino.


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17. Riddle: I am a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. What am I?

Answer: Generator.


18. Riddle: I am a unit used to measure frequency. What am I?

Answer: Hertz.


19. Riddle: I am a device that measures electric potential difference. What am I?

Answer: Voltmeter.


20. Riddle: I am a device that measures temperature. What am I?

Answer: Thermometer.


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