Test Your Genius IQ with These 20 Riddles about mirror!

Hey there! Ever wondered about the secrets hidden in mirrors? Get ready for some fun! We've got over 20 riddles about mirror waiting for you. Let's dive in and discover the mysteries together.


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1.  In me, you see yourself, but not within.
I hold your image, but keep no twin.
In silence, I repeat all that you do.
What am I, a mimic true?

Answer: Mirror


2. I'm there when you look, but gone when you close your eyes.
In light, I look big, but in dark, I'm small in size.
I make a copy, but we're never apart.
What am I? 

A  reflection in a mirror.


3. Though I speak without a tongue,
Your words I’ll sing, both old and young.
Silent until you give me voice,
What am I, the echo’s choice?

Answer: Your Reflection


4. Present in light, I disappear at night,
Invisible yet shaping sight.
I’m your other, not your brother,
What am I? Uncover the other.

Answer: Your Shadow in a Mirror


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5. I show a world that’s flipped around,
Yet in it, your form is perfectly found.
Not a word, nor a sound, I make,
A silent guardian in a silver lake.

Answer: A Mirror’s Surface


6. I am transparent, but can break; through me the world you can partake. What am I?

Answer: Glass


7. From one side, a view so clear; the other hides, so near, so dear. What am I?

Answer: Two-Way Mirror


8. Stand before me and prepare, I'll show you how your clothes declare. What am I?

Answer: Dressing Mirror


9. I carry history in my face, not a thing one could easily erase. Who am I?

Answer: Antique Mirror


10. Step before me, and another world you see.
A realm where left is right, and right is left to be.
I am the gate, yet I lead you nowhere.
What am I, this paradox layer?

Answer: Mirror


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11. I tell a story without a word.
In me, whispers and secrets are heard.
I show, not tell, a tale as old as time.
What am I, in this pantomime?

Answer: Antique Mirror


12. I show a world that’s flipped around,
Yet in it, your form is perfectly found.
Not a word, nor a sound, I make,
A silent guardian in a silver lake.

Answer: A Mirror’s Surface


13. In my plane, faces come and go,
Eyes meet eyes, a familiar show.
Each morning I meet your gaze,
Holding your image in my silvery haze.

Answer: A Bathroom Mirror


14. In your palm I lie, a quiet guide,
Reflecting worlds both far and wide.
Speak to me, and I stay mute,
Yet I’ll show all, dispute or salute.

Answer: A pocket mirror.


15. I speak without a mouth, repeat without a sound.
In my silent world, many echoes are found.
I mimic every gesture, yet I make no move.
What am I, in this silent groove?

Answer: A Mirror


16.  At night I come, without being fetched.
By day I am lost, without being snatched.
In me, you see the light from afar,
Yet I am not a star. What am I?

Answer: Moon’s Reflection in a Mirror


17. In your purse or in your hand, through me, yourself you understand. What am I?

Answer: Handheld Mirror


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18. Glance behind while you drive, I help you watch and stay alive. What am I?

Answer: Rearview Mirror


19. Step through me in tales of old, into a world untold. What am I?

Answer: Looking Glass


20. My surface curves inward like a cave, forming images that can behave. What am I?

Answer: Concave Mirror


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