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🔍 Hey there! Ready to explore the world of scientific riddles? 🌟 These brain teasers are like fun little puzzles that make learning exciting. 🧠 Whether you're young or old, these riddles are perfect for challenging your mind while discovering cool scientific facts. 💡 So, let's dive into this collection of 20+ scientific riddles and unlock the wonders of science together! 🚀

scientific riddles to test your scientific mind

1. I am filled with air yet lighter than air. What am I?

Answer: A balloon.


2. I am the smallest unit of matter. What am I?

Answer: An atom.


3. I am a type of energy that comes from the nucleus of an atom. What am I?

Answer: Nuclear energy.


4. I am a subatomic particle with a positive charge. What am I?

Answer: Proton.


5. I’m a reaction that absorbs energy from the surroundings. What am I?

Answer: Endothermic reaction.


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6. I am the part of the cell that contains genetic material. What am I?

Answer: Nucleus.


7. I’m a type of energy that travels in waves and can be seen by the human eye. What am I?

Answer: Light.


8. I am the first element on the periodic table. What am I?

Answer: Hydrogen.


9. What is the term for the speed at which an object is moving in a particular direction?

Answer: Velocity


10. What is the main gas found in Earth's atmosphere?

Answer: Nitrogen


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11. I am found in the nucleus, I carry genetic code, I am the blueprint of life, as you’ve surely been told. What am I?

Answer: DNA.


12. I am made of quarks, I am part of an atom, and I can be positively charged. What am I?

Answer: A proton.


13. I am the smallest unit of a chemical compound that retains its chemical properties. What am I?

Answer: Molecule


14. I am the process by which a liquid changes into a gas. What am I?

Answer: Evaporation


15. I’m a scientist’s tool, to observe things that are tiny. I can see bacteria, even those that are slimy. What am I?

Answer: Microscope


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16. I am the energy stored in an object due to its position or height. What am I?

Answer: Potential energy


17. I am the process by which plants make their food using sunlight. What am I?

Answer: Photosynthesis


18. I am the smallest unit of life, often called the building block of life. What am I?

Answer: A cell


19. I am a number, but not just any number. I represent the amount of protons in an element. What am I?

Answer: Atomic number


20. I am a gas beneficial to plants, but I cannot be purchased at a gas station. So, who am I?

Answer: Carbon dioxide


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