20+ Snake Riddles To Challenge Your IQ | MindYourLogic Snake Riddles

Here are 20+ snake riddles that will have you hissing with delight! Get ready to unravel the mysteries of these fascinating reptiles with each twist and turn. From venomous vipers to majestic pythons, these riddles will keep you guessing and entertained. So, grab a seat, sharpen your wit, and let's dive into the world of snake riddles! 


snake riddles to challenge your iq

1. I am royalty but not in a palace born, with smooth, scaly skin, no crown, but still adorned. What am I?

Answer: King Snake


2. With scales, but not a fish I be, through grasslands and forests, I move silently. What am I?

Answer: Snake


3. Hiss is my song, with a tongue so long, sense my prey, then I'm gone. Who am I?

Answer: Snake


4. I'm a snake that is brightly colored to warn predators of my toxicity. What am I?

Answer: Coral snake


5. I'm a snake with a keeled scale pattern on my back that resembles a ladder. What am I?

Answer: Ladder snake


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6. I'm a snake with a rattle at the end of my tail. What am I?

Answer: Rattlesnake


7. I'm a snake known for my ability to spit venom. What am I?

Answer: Spitting cobra


8. I don't blow a trumpet, still, a warning I give; enter my territory and you may not live. Who am I?

Answer: Asp


9. With a needle-like part I make my mark; if you feel my bite, you’ll wish it was just a bark. What am I?

Answer: Fang


10. Though I cannot lay brick, I am known to construe; my pray in my coils, there's little they can do. Who am I?

Answer: Python


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11. History recorded me for a deadly embrace; though I'm not much for cuddling, I'll catch you in my chase. Who am I?

Answer: Boa


12. Without a single quiver, I can swallow a river. What am I?

Answer: Anaconda


13. My home is not fixed, I burrow and hide, in deserts and forests, I silently glide. What am I?

Answer: Burrow


14. I'm known to hiss but not to miss, for when I aim, it's a venomous kiss. What am I?

Answer: Hiss


15. More serpent than dragon, yet my name might deceive; in legends I'm found, in reality, I breathe. What am I?

Answer: Dragon Snake


16.  A python by another name, not quite as long but just as famed. What am I?

Answer: Rock Python


17. I'm not a bird, yet I take to the air. With gliding grace, I move without a care. What am I?

Answer: Flying Snake


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18. With the stealth of a ghost, I slide on the floor; without feet or wings, through open door. Who am I?

Answer: Slither


19. I'm a snake with scales that change, blending into my surroundings with ease. Some call me a master of disguise. What am I?

Answer: Chameleon Snake


20. I'm a snake with a flat head, found in rivers and lakes. Some call me a water moccasin, beware of the mistakes. What am I?

Answer: Cottonmouth


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