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Here are 20+ solar system riddles for you to explore! The solar system is a fascinating place with planets, moons, and stars. These solar system  riddles will take you on a journey through space as you test your knowledge and creativity. Let's dive into the wonders of the solar system and see if you can solve these fun riddles!

solar system riddles to test your mind

1. I am known as the Ocean Planet and am the only planet that can support life. Who am I?

Answer: Earth


2. I am the hottest planet in the Solar System. Who am I?

Answer: Venus


3. I'm the fiery heart of our solar system. What am I?

Answer: The Sun.


4. I'm the moon of Mars named after the Roman god of fear. What am I?

Answer: Phobos.


5. I am the 6th planet in the Solar System. Who am I?

Answer: Saturn


6. I'm the spacecraft that made a historic flyby of Pluto in 2015. What am I?

Answer: New Horizons.


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7. I am the largest planet in the Solar System. Who am I?

Answer: Jupiter


8. I am a group of stars, celestial bodies, gas, and dust. Who am I?

Answer: A galaxy


9. I'm the planet with the most volcanic activity in our solar system. What am I?

Answer: Io (moon of Jupiter).


10. I'm the fourth planet from the Sun and the hottest planet in the solar system. My surface is beneath thick clouds made of sulfuric acid. What planet am I? 

Answer: Venus.


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11. I'm the moon with a thin atmosphere of nitrogen and methane. What am I?

Answer: Titan (moon of Saturn).


12. I'm the smallest planet in our solar system. What am I?

Answer: Mercury.


13. I'm a star system consisting of a star and the celestial bodies that orbit it. What am I?

Answer: Solar system.


14. I'm the largest moon in our solar system, orbiting Jupiter. What am I?

Answer: Ganymede.


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15. I'm the planet known for my distinctive sideways rotation. What am I?

Answer: Uranus.


16. I'm the planet with the tallest mountain in the solar system. What am I?

Answer: Mars.


17. I'm the layer of gas surrounding the Sun, visible during a total solar eclipse. What am I?

Answer: The solar corona.


18. I am a phenomenon where the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, casting a shadow on the Moon. What am I?

Answer: Lunar eclipse.


19. I am the boundary marking the edge of the solar system. What am I?

Answer: The heliopause.


20. I am the layer of ice and dust that covers the surface of a comet's nucleus. What am I?

Answer: Cometary nucleus.


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