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⚽️🎾 Here are 20+ sports riddles to challenge your brain and tickle your funny bone! Get ready to score some laughs as you tackle these playful puzzles that will test your sports knowledge. From balls to bats, and everything in between, these riddles are sure to keep you entertained! So, lace up your shoes, warm up your brain, and let's dive into the world of sports riddles together. Are you ready for the challenge? Let's play! 🏈🏓🏸

sports riddles to test your sports knowledge


1. Riddle: What time does a tennis player get up?

Answer: Ten-ish.


2. Riddle: What game makes the most noise?

Answer: Tennis- you can't play it without raising a racket!


3. Riddle: What do you call a basketball game with no ball?

Answer: A basket game!


4.Riddle: What is made of wood, is used in a game, and comes with a score?

Answer: A cricket bat.


5. Riddle: I'm a game played on a large field with a round ball. Players try to score goals by kicking or heading the ball into a net. What am I?

Answer: Soccer (Football)


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6. Riddle: I'm a sport played on ice, where players slide stones towards a target area. What am I?

Answer: Curling


7. Riddle: I'm a sport where players hit a small, hard ball over a net with a racket. What am I?

Answer: Badminton


8. Riddle: I'm a sport where players hit a small, hard ball into a series of holes on a course, aiming to complete each hole with as few strokes as possible. What am I?

Answer: Golf


9. Riddle: I'm a game played with a round ball and a bat, where players score runs by running between two sets of stumps. What am I?

Answer: Cricket


10. Riddle: I'm a sport played on ice, where players glide on skates and try to score goals by hitting a puck into the opponent's net. What am I?

Answer: Ice Hockey


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11. Riddle: I'm a game played on a court with a hoop at each end, where players bounce a ball while running and try to score points by throwing the ball through the opponent's hoop. What am I?

Answer: Basketball


12. Riddle: I'm a game played on a rectangular court with a net in the middle. Players hit a ball back and forth over the net using a racquet. What am I?

Answer: Tennis


13. Riddle: What sport has four bases, but no running?

Answer: Baseball 


14. Riddle: I am a sport where players use their hands to hit a ball over a net. What am I?

Answer: Volleyball


15. Riddle: What has 22 legs and 2 wings?

Answer: A football team!


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16. Riddle: Do vampires play tennis in their free time?

Answer: No they prefer bat-minton.


17. Riddle: What was the spider doing on the baseball team?

Answer: Catching flies.


18. Riddle: Where do great dragon baseball players go?

Answer: To the Hall Of Flame.


19. Riddle: Two men were playing tennis. They played five sets and each man won three sets. How can this be possible?

Answer: The two men were partners playing doubles.


20. Riddle: Where do coal diggers play baseball?

Answer: The minor (miner) leagues.


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