Spot 3 differences between the pictures of a boy with sunglasses in just 10 seconds!

Readers with keen eyes can spot three differences in the pictures of a boy with sunglasses within just 10 seconds. Can you take on the challenge?

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Spot 3 differences in 10 seconds

Can you spot the differences? Here’s a fun challenge for you! Take a close look at the two images of a boy wearing sunglasses. Your task is to find three subtle differences between them within a quick 10 second timeframe.

Spot the Difference puzzles are a great way to exercise your observation skills and attention to detail. They not only provide entertainment but also help improve cognitive abilities like concentration and visual perception.


  • Observe Carefully: Study both images closely.
  • Look for Discrepancies: Identify any variations between the two images.
  • Time Limit: Challenge yourself to find all three differences in just 10 seconds.

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Spot 3 Differences in 10 Seconds

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Image Credit: Jagranjosh


The image above showcases two seemingly identical pictures of a boy wearing sunglasses.

Upon closer inspection, however, there are three noticeable differences between the two images. Readers have a challenge: find these differences within a 10 second time limit.

Your time starts now!

Some differences may be easier to spot than others, requiring keen observation skills. Concentration is key to identifying all discrepancies between the pictures.

Engaging in such activities not only entertains but also enhances cognitive abilities like focus and memory.

Hurry, the clock is ticking.

See if you can spot any more differences before time runs out.






Time’s up.

Readers with the sharpest eyes should have identified all differences within the time limit.

For those who couldn't, practicing these challenges can improve speed and focus.

Now, check out the solution provided below.


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Spot the Difference: Solution

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If you enjoyed taking part in this challenge, share it with your family and friends to see who can solve it the quickest! It's a fun way to test observation skills and compete in a friendly manner.


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