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Here are 40+ Sun Riddles! The sun is that big, bright thing in the sky that gives us light and warmth. These riddles are like little puzzles about our favorite star. So, get ready to enjoy some sunny brain teasers and see if you can guess the answers! Let's dive in and have some fun in the sunshine!

1. What holds the sun up in the sky?



2. Never resting, never still. Moving silently from hill to hill. It does not walk, run or trot. All is cool where it is not. What is it?

Answer: Sunshine.


3.  You see it rise in the morning and set when the day is done. It provides us with light and heat It’s a star that’s called the _ _ _? 

Answer: The sun


4. Why didn’t the sun go to college?

Answer: Because it already had a million degrees!


5. What goes in and around the house but never touches it? 

Answer: The Sun


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6. What happens to the dog when it stands in front of the hot sun?

Answer: The dog becomes hotdog.


7. I'm a glowing halo encircling the sun, casting a radiant spectacle during rare celestial events. What am I?

Answer: Solar eclipse


8. I'm a celestial phenomenon where the sun appears to dip below the horizon, signaling the end of daylight. What am I?

Answer: Sunset


9. I'm a method of harnessing the sun's energy to generate electricity. What am I?

Answer: Solar power


10. I'm a type of telescope used to study the sun's atmosphere. What am I?

Answer: Solar telescope


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11. I'm a scientific study of the sun and its effects on the solar system. What am I?

Answer: Solar physics


12. I'm a protective barrier that shields the Earth from the sun's harmful rays. What am I?

Answer: Ozone layer


13. I'm a phenomenon that occurs when ice crystals in the atmosphere refract sunlight, creating a halo around the sun. What am I?

Answer: Sun halo


14. I'm a device used to tell time based on the position of the sun in the sky. What am I?

Answer: Sundial


15. I'm a sun-inspired celebration marking the longest day of the year. What am I?

Answer: Summer solstice


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16. I'm a spacecraft that travels close to the sun to study its properties. What am I?

Answer: Solar probe


17. I'm a device that captures the sun's energy and converts it into electricity. What am I?

Answer: Solar panel


18. I'm a giant storm on the surface of the sun, characterized by intense magnetic activity. What am I?

Answer: Solar flare


19. I'm a brightly colored accessory worn on the head to protect from the sun. What am I?

Answer: Sunhat


20. I'm a protective cream applied to the skin to prevent sunburn. What am I?

Answer: Sunscreen


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