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🧠 Welcome to today's brain teaser puzzles adventure! Get ready to exercise your mind with our daily dose of brain teaser puzzles. Join us on this exciting journey to sharpen your problem-solving skills and have some fun along the way. Let's dive in and explore the world of brain teaser puzzles together! 🌟


1.Ben lives in a huge bungalow. One day, when he was at work, a robbery took place at his residence. He quickly calls Detective Mehul to his house. Mehul inspects the house entrance and lobby and sees that the lock has not been broken. The thief broke into the house using the key and committed robbery,

Ben says"I had hidden the key under this big rock a few months ago. I believe the robbers were aware of this key. Mehul realises right away that Ben is lying".




Why did Mehul think so, Can you guess?

Answer: If such a big rock is kept in the garden there won’t be grass below it.

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But it has grass below it like the whole garden has. This suggests that the stone was recently kept here. Mehul understands that this is a fake robbery and that Ben is lying.



2.Tony usually drives to work, but because the weather was nice, he chose to ride his bike. He was shocked to see a huge scratch on his car when he returned home in the evening. He immediately calls his children and wife.


His wife says, "I was at the grocery store since the morning, I've just returned home. I have no idea!"

His son says, "I was playing with my friend in the neighbourhood, I just returned home. I'm completely clueless!"

"Dad, I have been studying since the morning," his daughter says. I just got out of my room. "I don't know anything."


Answr: Take a look at the house next door. There is a lock on their door.


This clearly shows that they are not at home. That means his son is lying to him. He could have scratched by accident. 



3. Three people enlist in the army. One of them is extremely irritable, and constantly picks fights with everyone. The second guy is an introvert, who never talks to anyone. The third person is an extrovert, who goes around forcing people to talk to him. The officer discovers that one of these three soldiers, is a forger. He calls all three of them, and verifies their identification. 

Can you tell which of these soldiers has a fake ID A, B, or C?




Answer: C, Third soldier has a fake ID prooff 



4. Mr. Ran calls Detective Mehul and tells him that his daughter Sana who is pregnant was kidnapped, but now she has come home safely. He tells Mehul, “Earlier I got a call from kidnappers. I felt they were lying but then they also sent me pictures of Sana. I was so scared and shocked to see the picture. They had tied up Sana. I immediately took all the money they asked for and dumped it at the place they told me. When I came back home, Sana was there. She is safe now, so I called you”.

Detective Mehul immediately understands that this is a fake kidnapping. Can you guess how?


 Answer: See Sana's photo which was sent by the kidnappers. Sana is not pregnant in it, which means it is an old photo, Mehul immediately understands that.




5. Karl was completing his homework in the school library.One day it was getting late, so he collected his belongings and prepared to return home. When all of a sudden, he heard a noise. Please, someone assist me! He moved his hand towards the voice and opened the door. Eric was the one. He'd been confined in the classroom. "I was hungry after class, so I went to the cafeteria, but it was closed, so I turned around and went home." I was suddenly locked in this chamber, with a cloth covering my face.

" Eric explains "We'll attempt to find out who did this to you tomorrow," Karl promises him. We need to look into this more."

Karl and Eric question their classmates the following day.

Harry claims: "In class, I was working on my assignment. I have no knowledge at all."

Rachel claims: "I had Harry with me. I also left early for home."

Jade claims, "I didn't go to school yesterday because I was sick."

“I ate my lunch in the cafeteria and then I went to play badminton” recalls Nina.

After carefully recording everyone’s statements, Karl immediately ascertains who locked Eric the previous day. How? Can you tell? 


Answer- Nina locked Eric in the room. She said that she had lunch in the cafeteria. But cafeteria was closed the previous day.Clearly, she’s lying!






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