40+ Transport Riddles To Test Your Knowledge | MindYourLogic Riddles

Here are 40+ riddles about various forms of transportation! These riddles will challenge your thinking as you guess the different vehicles and modes of travel people use every day. Have fun exploring the world of transport through these engaging puzzles!

transport riddles to test your knowledge

1. What vehicle travels on tracks and can carry many passengers?

Answer: Train.


2. What vehicle floats on water and transports people or goods?

Answer: Boat.


3. What vehicle moves goods across long distances on highways?

Answer: Truck.


4. What vehicle flies through the sky and carries passengers or cargo?

Answer: Airplane.


5. What vehicle is used for firefighting and has hoses and ladders?

Answer: Fire truck.


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6. What vehicle is used for transporting patients to hospitals quickly?

Answer: Ambulance.


7. What vehicle is used for agricultural purposes and has large wheels?

Answer: Tractor.


8. What vehicle is used for transporting astronauts to space?

Answer: Space shuttle.


9. What vehicle is used for carrying passengers across rivers and lakes?

Answer: Ferry.


10. What vehicle is used for carrying people up and down tall buildings?

Answer: Elevator.


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11. What vehicle is used for carrying garbage from homes and businesses?

Answer: Garbage truck.


12. What mode of transport uses pedals to move and often has two wheels?

Answer: A bicycle.


13. What vehicle travels underwater carrying passengers?

Answer: A submarine.


14. What vehicle is used to transport people and goods in the air and can hover in place or move horizontally?

Answer: Helicopter.


15. What vehicle is used for transporting people and goods across deserts?

Answer: Camel carts


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16. What vehicle carries students to and from school?

Answer: School bus.


17. It's a vehicle with wheels and a canopy, used for transporting passengers on golf courses.

Answer: Golf cart.


18. It's a small vessel with paddles, used for navigating through rivers.

Answer: Canoe.


19. It's a small vehicle with four wheels, used for recreational driving.

Answer: ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle).


20. What vehicle is used to transport cars to different locations?

Answer: A car carrier truck.


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