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Here are over 40+ travel riddles for you to enjoy! These riddles will take you on a journey around the world, exploring famous landmarks, cities, and natural wonders through fun and challenging clues. Test your knowledge of global travel destinations and see how many you can solve. It's a delightful way to learn about different places and ignite your wanderlust while exercising your brain! So, pack your virtual bags and embark on this exciting adventure of travel riddles!

travel riddles to explore

1.  I am a large vehicle that carries passengers over long distances, often stopping at various cities. What am I?

Answer: Bus


2. I am a document that you must have to travel internationally. What am I?

Answer: Passport


3. I am a type of insurance that provides coverage for unexpected events during travel. What am I?

Answer: Travel insurance


4. I am a famous landmark in Paris where people go to admire the view of the city. What am I?

Answer: The Eiffel Tower


5.What do you call the path or route taken from one place to another while traveling?

Answer: Travel route


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6. I am a popular destination in Thailand known for my vibrant nightlife and bustling markets. What city am I?

Answer: Bangkok


7. I am a vehicle that travels underground and transports people between stations in a city. What am I?

Answer: A subway train


8. What is a document that allows you to travel to different countries legally?

Answer: A visa


9. I am a small bag that holds your clothes and belongings for a trip. What am I?

Answer: Suitcase


10. I am a path or route between two places that you can drive on. What am I?

Answer: Road


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11. What is a vehicle designed for travel on rough terrain or off-road conditions?

Answer: An off-road vehicle


12. I am a city in Italy famous for my canals where travelers can travel by gondola to explore my narrow streets. What city am I?

Answer: Venice


13. I am a famous island in Hawaii where travelers can travel to witness active volcanoes and black sand beaches. What island am I?

Answer: Big Island (Hawaii)


14. I am a country in Southeast Asia where travelers can travel to visit my ancient temples of Angkor Wat and explore my floating villages. What country am I?

Answer: Cambodia


15. I am a famous river in Egypt where travelers can cruise and travel along the Nile Delta, visiting temples and historic sites. What am I?

Answer: Nile River


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16. I am a mode of transportation that moves on rails and can travel long distances between cities. What am I?

Answer: A train


17. What is a document that provides details about a trip, including dates and itinerary?

Answer: A travel itinerary


18. I am a mode of transport that travels on snow and ice. What am I?

Answer: A snowmobile


19. In what Middle Eastern city can you travel to experience the bustling markets of the Souk Madinat Jumeirah?

Answer: Dubai


20. What African country allows travelers to witness the wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park?

Answer: Tanzania


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