30+ Weather Riddles Test Your Nature Knowledge | MindYourLogic Riddles

Here are 30+ weather riddles for you to enjoy! These puzzles are all about the weather, from rainbows to thunderstorms. See if you can solve them all and have fun exploring the wonders of nature through these playful challenges!

weather riddles to test your nature knowledge
1. What can be hot or cold and changes throughout the day?

Answer: Weather


2. My voice is loud, my presence stark; I light the sky, although I'm dark. What am I?

Answer: Thunder


3. What type of weather makes you want to wear a raincoat and boots?

Answer: Rainy weather.


4. What is a long period of dry weather that can cause plants to wither and rivers to run low?

Answer: Drought


5. What covers rooftops and cars in icy crystals?

Answer: Frost


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6. What weather do dogs prefer?

Answer: cool weather


7. What can be accompanied by lightning and strong winds?

Answer: Thunderstorm


8. I blanket the earth in a quiet white, and make everything seem pure and bright. What am I?

Answer: Snow


9. What can be seen in the air after a rainstorm and shines brightly?

Answer: Rainbow


10. I make the air feel heavy, harder to cool down. What am I?

Answer: Humidity


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11. I'm a spinning storm, often confused with my ocean-based cousin. What am I?

Answer: Cyclone


12. I bring heavy rain seasonally, drenching regions for months. What am I?

Answer: Monsoon


13. What is a period of unusually hot weather?

Answer: Heatwave


14. What causes the ground to shake during a powerful storm?

Answer: Thunderquake


15. I'm white and fluffy, and children love to catch me on their tongues. What am I?

Answer: Snowflake


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16. What makes people put on sweaters and turn up the heat?

Answer: Cold weather


17. What can be seen in the sky and predicts the weather?

Answer: Clouds


18. What can cause the sky to darken and bring heavy downpours?

Answer: Storm


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